The Critical Thinking Initiative offers highly relevant podcasts for educators, all 30 minutes or less, aimed at dispelling myths about teaching critical thinking, and discussing evidence-based ways to improve critical thinking in any discipline. The hosts, in early December 2019, launched another podcast series, Smarterer! that is aimed at the general population, not just educators.

Lecture Breakers is a series of podcasts on how to break up your lectures to encourage students to engage in learning, and to connect with learners better. The first podcast explains what the series is about and the formative assessment approach recommended.

Podagogies: A Learning and Teaching Podcast. The Learning & Teaching Office, Ryerson University, creates and posts podcasts addressing teaching and learning in higher education.

TAPcast is an educational podcast series created for and by Teaching Assistants (TA) to help them with their TA assignments, discussing multiple issues regarding pedagogy in the contemporary classroom.

Learning Decisions is a podcast series by Elliott Masie, a longtime educator who is renowned globally for his work and innovation. Focused on learning in the workplace, he heads a 200+ organization consortium, offers learning labs at his own Masie Centre, and is constantly offering innovative opportunities such as Storytelling & Broadway: Leadership Experience.

The Making Global Learning Universal Podcast is a Florida International University initiative offering "a collection of conversations about engaging diverse perspectives, collaboration, and complex problem solving in higher education...". Posted seasonally, the podcasts are designed to contribute to global learning professional development, leadership, and teacher preparation.