Purchasing and Procurement  

The Building Services Department at Cegep Heritage College is responsible for the purchasing and procurement of all the goods and services, as well as  for any construction contracts required by the College to fulfill its mission. The general rules applicable to these processes are consigned in Policy # 30 Concerning the Acquisition of Goods and Services


Any complaints related to public tenders or to the College’s procurement process, is requested to follow the steps outlined in Procedure #41 RECEIVING AND HANDLING COMPLAINTS  (Procédure #41 portant sur la réception et l’examen des plaintes. ) 

The Autorité des marches publics (AMP) has developed a complaint form available to suppliers wishing to file a complaint.

Quebec gouvernement web sites

Autorité des marches publics

Site internet: https://amp.quebec/accueil/

Autorisation de contracter : https://amp.quebec/autorisation-de-contracter/

Porter plainte dans le cadre d'un contrat public : https://amp.quebec/porter-plainte/

Unité permanente anticorruption

Site internet : https://upac.gouv.qc.ca/

Formulaire de dénonciation – Acte répréhensible : https://formulaires.upac.gouv.qc.ca/denonciation/fr

Ligne de dénonciation: 1 844 541-UPAC (8722).  Du lundi au vendredi, de 8h30 à 16h30, sauf les jours fériés.