Cégep Heritage College's Women Rugby Team plays in the RSEQ league as a division 2 team against several other Quebec cégeps. 

For more detailed information about our team, please refer to the RSEQ schedule and results. 

Team roster

  • Benavidez, Alice    
  • Bissoy, Yowane Délia 
  • Bosnell,  Anika    
  • Bush, Aleasha    
  • Crate, Hailey     
  • Dillon, Chloë    
  • Driscoll, Jetta      
  • Garçon Nude, Yollie Reïna    
  • George, Claudia     
  • Graham, Samantha    
  • Haidar, Gabrielle    
  • Hendrick, Taelor     
  • Johnston-Peacock, Emma    
  • Keon, Grace     
  • Lamb, Anaka    
  • Marion, Emily 
  • Mudekereza Mwa, Rub'Umba    
  • Petit, Mikaela     
  • Pinkerton, Elena 
  • Sauvé, Abby-Gayle    
  • Southwood, Neena     
  • Younge, Grace

Coaches and volunteers

  • Head Coach: Parisa Rostami
  • Assistant Coach: Erin Van Gulik

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