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The Liberal Arts program at Heritage is a pre-university program. Our students investigate the roles that various disciplines such as Literature, Science, Philosophy, Art, and Religion have played throughout history and into the modern era. As a student of Liberal Arts, you will learn about different types of knowledge, and how to integrate them, building a rich understanding of how humanity has arrived at the present moment. This prepares you to be a socially responsible and engaged citizen, who is knowledgeable about the world, but also ready to think outside of the box when needed. Our graduates of the Liberal Arts program become expert thinkers, ready to address the complicated challenges and opportunities of the day.

Program takeaways

University ready

Liberal Arts graduates are well-prepared to succeed at university. Our graduates gain the skills and knowledge needed to flourish in academic programs.


Liberal Arts graduates leave Heritage with an excellent understanding of history, as well as present-day problems and opportunities.

Agile thinking

More than anything else, Liberal Arts students learn how to think quickly, effectively, and imaginatively.

Career and study opportunities

Liberal Arts graduates usually go on to University, and then into intellectually interesting careers, in fields such as:

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Economics
  • Public Administration
  • Politics
  • International Affairs
  • Literature
  • Film Criticism
  • Drama
  • Education
  • International Development
  • Humanitarian Assistance

In the Liberal Arts program at Heritage College, I learned to write academically and to think critically for the first time (e.g. spotting “fake news” from a mile away.) There is no doubt in my mind that my love of history, art history, and professional writing stem directly from my two years in this well-rounded and amazing program. 

Heritage College will empower you to finally be yourself. You can pursue subjects you didn’t have access to in high school, get a sense of what you like and what you don’t like, and see what fits before taking on the cost and commitment of university. As a student, it will give you the opportunity to meet new people, try new things, and take control of your professional goals and learning at an early stage.

Tyler Yank


2005 Graduate in Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts program provided me with a strong foundation to move forward academically and professionally. The program exposes students to a wide variety of topics and builds strong critical thinking skills that are transferable to many other settings. When I studied Moral Philosophy at university, I felt very prepared and confident that I could further my knowledge and skillset, thanks to my experience of Liberal Arts at Heritage. Most of all, writing skills are highly valuable in almost all lines of work, and the program provides countless opportunities to develop and refine your abilities.

Mike Kekewich

Director, Clinical and Organizational Ethics

2007 Graduate in Liberal Arts