How to apply

SRAM – Winter 2024 Admissions:


The application deadline for regular applicants in our first round of admission is March 1 (fall semester) and November 1 (winter semester).

To apply:

  • Complete the online application at admission SRAM. You must have completed or be in process of completing the admission prerequisites (for Quebec applicants, out-of-province applicants, or international applicants) to apply.
  • Select CÉGEP Heritage College and the program of your choice, with the corresponding SRAM program number.
  • If applicable, submit all required documents by mailing or uploading them to your SRAM application account and pay the $30.00 non-refundable application fee online.  Documents and payment must be submitted by the deadline.

Summer school

Each July, the College offers remedial high-school courses required for admission to certain programs.

Each June and July, the College offers college level courses. For details on requirements and how to apply check out our Getting Started page.

Late admission

You cannot apply directly through SRAM after the Round 3 deadline for the Fall semester or after the Round 2 deadline for the Winter semester. If this happens, you  need to contact the Registrar’s Office to inquire about late admissions, program availabilities, and possible alternatives.


Former CÉGEP Heritage College students who have not been registered at The College for one or more semesters must re-apply for admission through SRAM using the same procedure as a new applicant.


Transfers from other CEGEPS

Students currently studying in the CÉGEP system who wish to attend CÉGEP Heritage College must make a new application for admission (including the non-refundable application fee) by the application deadline. Credits are transferable and will be applied to your chosen program, where appropriate, after an official transcript is received by Student Services.

Admission transfer procedure

Students who have submitted an application through SRAM for the current admission year and have been admitted can request an admission transfer if they wish to change CÉGEPs. They must contact the Registrar's office of their new Cégep with:

  • their admission letter from the Original CÉGEP
  • most recent high school transcripts
  • a motivation letter indicating the reasons for the transfer request

If accepted, the Registrar at the new CÉGEP will contact the Registrar of the original CÉGEP and request the admission file be transferred.

If you need more information, or have any questions, contact Registrar’s Office.

Internal program change

If you are a current student at CÉGEP Heritage College, the Registrar's office can help you with internal program changes.

Admission for Continuing Education

Please visit our Contunuing Education page if you want the admission for continuing education.

Questions? Contact us

Registrar's Office



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