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Believing in the value of children

Early Childhood Education is the professional practice of providing high-quality educational and nurturing environments for young children. Educators believe in the inherent value of every child and work collaboratively to plan and deliver well-designed learning experiences. 

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Program Highlights

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program is a three-year dual-track diploma program. Graduates from this program secure employment within the diverse early learning and education sector or may choose to go on to university for further studies. The courses in this program focus on child development and best practices in early learning, using a wide variety of teaching approaches and creative learning opportunities.

The ECE diploma from Cégep Heritage College is recognized nationwide, allowing graduates to work as educators anywhere in Canada.

Career & Educational Paths

Graduates of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program are qualified to work with children from infancy to 12 years. Graduates may pursue careers within the diverse early learning, education, and childcare sectors.

Employment Opportunities Include
  • Licenced childcare
  • Elementary schools
  • Forest School Programs 
  • Family support programs
  • Support for children with special needs
  • Community-based health and social support programs
  • Teaching early childhood education internationally

Career Options

Graduates from our three-year diploma program become recognized Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) qualified to work across Canada.

University Options

Graduates wishing to further their studies receive advanced standing and/or course credit at many Canadian universities.