International Applicants

CÉGEP Heritage College will consider students for admission who have attended schooling systems outside of Canada and who do not have status in Canada, if their education certificates are equivalent to the Quebec Secondary V Diploma, including specific program pre-requisites and requirements.

We recommend you read the international student guide on SRAM's website for information pertaining to admission, fees, cost of living, and other important information. Please verify which programs are available for international applicants.

International Student - Application Guide

1. Apply to CÉGEP Heritage College

The College works with the Service regional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain (SRAM). All students must apply online through SRAM's service. It is essential that applicants submit all required documents as per SRAM’s online instructions.  SRAM will not process incomplete applications. This may cause lengthy delays in evaluating your application. 

2. English Language Assessment

You must provide proof of sufficient knowledge of English. You need to submit your test results at the time of your request for admission. Please note tests may be scheduled at pre-scheduled dates. 

3. Official Letter of Acceptance

If accepted for admission, you will receive an Official Letter of Acceptance from The College, conditional on:

  • a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (Step 4)
  • a Study Permit (Step 5)
  • health and hospitalization insurance (step 6)
  • meeting any program admission requirements

You will also get instructions to confirm your offer of admission to The College. You must confirm your admission as instructed in the documents.

It takes 3-8 weeks for an admission decision to be made. Also, it takes additional time to receive your letter by mail.

4. Certificate of Acceptance for Studies

Once you receive your Official Letter of Acceptance, you apply for a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance for Studies issued by the Government of Quebec. All information and application forms for this step come from the Government of Quebec, not The College. 

It takes 6-8 weeks for the Government of Quebec to process your Quebec Certificate of Acceptance of Studies.

5. Study Permit

Once you receive your Quebec Certificate of Acceptance for Studies, you apply for a Study Permit issued by the Government of Canada. All information and application forms for this step come from the Government of Canada, not The College. 

It takes 2-8 weeks (sometimes more) for the Government of Canada to process your Study Permit. Please, verify processing times for your country.

6. Insurance 

You must provide proof of health and hospitalization insurance that is valid as of the first day of class until the last day of class in order to study at The College. If your insurance is valid on a per semester basis, it is your responsibility to ensure your insurance is valid each semester to stay registered at The College.

7.  Required Documents

You need to submit the following documents to the College before your first day of class:

  • Quebec Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (from step 4)
  • your Study Permit (from step 5)
  • your insurance (from step 6)

If you are not able to get all of the required documents and authorizations by the deadline in your offer of admission, you will not be permitted to study at  The College. You will need to re-apply the following year. The documents must be valid and cover the entire semester.

You will also need to pay all fees to get your schedule. Your schedule will be available 10 working days before the start of class. International students can consult the Orientation Guide for International Students in their Omnivox account for information regarding arriving in Canada, transportation, health and hospitalization insurance and other important information.

For more information on international admission requirements please contact Student Services 

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