The Registrar's Office is responsible for most of the administrative procedures related to your studies at CÉGEP Heritage College.

The Registrar's Office oversees and can help you with:

Internal program change

To change programs for the next semester, go to the Omnivox Program Change module before March 1st for the Fall semester and before November 1st for the Winter semester.  You should speak to an academic advisor about program availability for the Winter and to discuss your course transfer and program completion time.

It is important to still complete course selection for your current program before you receive your admission verdict for the new program, so you can avoid paying late penalty fees. You will be asked to complete a new course selection if you are admitted to the new program.

Document requests

The following forms can be requested through the Document Request module on Omnivox:

  • Transcripts: $10 per request. If you make a request during the semester, the final transcript will automatically be sent to the institution once your final grades are available.
  • Proof of registration: confirmation of your enrolment in your program and courses in a semester.
  • Status confirmation: full or part-time registration in a semester.
  • RESPs: confirmation of your registation required by financial institutions.
  • Tax receipts: available through the Tuition Tax Receipts module, on Omnivox, every February.

English Exit Exam

All students in English CÉGEPs must pass a Ministerial Examination of College English Exam to get a diploma. The test takes place in May, August, and December.


To take the exam, Students must have passed two of the three courses (603-101, 603-102, 603-103) and be in the process of completing the third (603-102 or 603-103) when they register for the examination. Students who do not fit this profile may, however, be admitted to the examination following an evaluation of their student record by the college. The Registrar will contact you about the exam when you are eligible.

Preparing for the English Exit Exam

All English Exit Exam workshops held by The College will be posted on Omnivox.

CÉGEP a distance offers an online simulation course


The College proudly celebrates the success of our graduating students along with their families, teachers, and staff at a formal ceremony. The ceremony includes the presentation of official diplomas, as well as program-specific and provincial awards that recognize individual academic achievement and perseverance.

Eligible students will be contacted regarding the ceremony in June.

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