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The Special Education Techniques program is about enabling people to have a better quality of life. Graduates in Special Education Techniques are health technicians in a helping profession. Working as part of a health care team, graduates in Special Education Techniques are on the front-line to dispense care to the client through an individualized clinical plan. Graduates in Special Education Techniques apply methods that assist clients in their development, adaptation, and quality of life.

Program takeaways

Hands-on learning

Our experiental learning approach to Special Education Techniques offers our students opportunities to apply theory and methods, whether it be in the classrooms, during fieldwork, or their co-op placement.

Counselling skills

Our graduates are able to apply their counselling skills to build a therapeutic and professional relationship with the client and client’s family.

Intervention planning

Our graduates can design, implement, and evaluate an inclusive needs-based intervention plan that incorporates the biopsychosocial model and best practices for different client groups.

Career and study opportunities

Graduates in Special Education Techniques are health technicians in a helping profession. Graduates can work in a variety of settings, such as:

  • educational institutions (preschool to higher education)
  • short and long-term care facilities
  • hospitals
  • rehabilitation centres
  • CLSCs
  • residence for the elderly
  • shelters
  • group homes and other social services facilities

My name is Belicia Hughes and I am grateful to be a part of the first Special Education Techniques cohort. Being apart of this program has opened many opportunities for myself and others. I have been able to work as a behavioural counsellor for an agency in Ottawa and work as an assistant to the handicap at a High School in Quebec.  I am going to continue to pursue my studies at Carleton University, studying at the school of Social Work. The Special Education Techniques program confirmed what I was meant to be. I am forever grateful to all my professors, my fieldwork supervisors and this program for allowing me to grow as an individual and as a professional

Belicia Hughes

2020 Graduate in Special Education Techniques

I saw a quote online: "School is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside" and it reminded me of Heritage. To succeed professionally, Heritage provided me with teachers that care for me academically and personally. They provided me with a great support system. They were always available to help and constantly stressed the importance of self care. They went above and beyond to help me become the best clinician I can be. They made sure I was taking care of myself to avoid burnout. The SCC program changed my life. It changed the way I think and it made me realize who I am as an individual before I can make an impact on others lives.

To future students, take me as an example I was passionate about helping and Heritage helped transform my passion into a career. Heritage is about making sure you are successful and I have experienced that first hand for the past three years. The support system is unbelievable, and now I am working in a re-adaptation centre helping children who have been abused or are doing drugs.

Jean Herns Larrieux 


Centre Jeunesse de L'Outaouais

2020 Graduate in Special Education Techniques