Clubs on campus

The Vice President of the Student Association is responsible for all student clubs. All student interested in creating a club must speak with their Student Association executive and fill-out the club registration form.  Clubs vary year-to-year and we are always open to starting new clubs that might not be on the current or previous club list. Send us your ideas!

  • Entrepreneurs’ Club

We are a group of young entrepreneurs who are interested in building a strong business. This club is about networking, discussing future business projects and marketing. We also hold and participate in learning events. If you are interested in joining this club, please Wendy Kuekam by MIo.

  • The Music Club

It’s all about music. Jam/Practice/Learn music. Students have an opportunity to participate in something they love. If you are interested in joining this club, please contact Mathieu Brown by MIO.

The purpose of this club is to inform students at Heritage about Black history and experiences. It also advocates on behalf of Black students. If you are interested in joining, please contact Chloe Nyiligira & Noemie Ngakam by MIO.

Acting, Improv, Set design, Directing and much more! If you are interested in joining, please contact Nicholas Strachan & Jennifer Khouri by MIO.

Our main goal is to learn and help each other limit our environmental impact, and make our school greener. We also want to host activities and contests for students outside of the group, so we are always open and looking for new ideas! If you are interested in joining, please contact Leah Paukstaitis & Mathilda Herrell by MIO.

  • LGBTQ+ and Ally Club

A club for all. A place where people can come to learn more about the LBGTQ+ community. We will talk about LGBTQ+ issues, share what we know on the topic, talk about book related subjects that members have read, watch movies and more. It is also a club for people to come chill and enjoy their time. A club where we will respect everyone's pronouns and preferred names. If you are interested, please contact Frederique Vigneux-Foley by MIO.

  • Book Club

The Book Club is a group that gathers to discuss selected readings. Every month we'll choose a book to read and the meeting will be held to socialize and to chat about the book in question. While the weather is still warm we can meet outdoors at the picnic tables behind the College. Everyone is welcome! If you are interested, please contact Cora Sander by MIO

  • Volleyball Club

Come join our Volleyball club! Enjoy the sport more and have extra practices to polish your individual skills. You can contact Felix Zheng on MIO for more information.

  • CrossFit Club

For both new and experienced people who are interested in CrossFit, the purpose of this club is to help people get into shape in a friendly environment with like minded students. CrossFit is a series of strength and conditioning workouts of functional movements performed at a high intensity level. CrossFit is known for improving overall fitness and helping individuals become stronger, durable and flexible. All trainees are welcomed, please contact Liam Donnelly via MIO.

  • Dungeons & Dragons Club

Gathering people for the fun activity of participating in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, while socializing and having fun. Please contact Cristian Alvarez via MIO for more information.

  • Retro Gaming Club

Learn about the history of video games, while providing a positive outlet for students to de-stress and network with like-minded students from other programs around the college. Also, learn how to repair and maintain older hardware and learn how the aftermarket video game economy works. Please contact Daniel Savard by MIO.

  • Flag Football Club

We are creating a flag football club to have fun and play football together in the gym. If you are interested, contact Jehiel Boisioli via MIO for more information.

Previous clubs

  • Boxing
  • Broadway
  • Charity efforts
  • Climbing
  • Dance workshops
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Environmental interests
  • Film
  • Hockey
  • Itthus (Christian Club)
  • Men's volleyball
  • Men's indoor soccer
  • Photography
  • Student refugee
  • Table top games
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Various Support Groups

Questions? Contact us

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Recreational Activities Tech.

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