Policy 1: Financial Management

Policy #2: Repealed on May 31, 2023

Policy 3: Personnel Management

Policy 4: Appointment, Evaluation and Renewal of Mandates of the Director General and Academic Dean

Policy 5: Evaluation of Student Achievement

Policy 6: Concerning a Respectful Environment Free of Discrimination and Harassment
            P6.1: Complaint_Process_Flowchart
            P6.2: Complaints_Detailled_Process

Policy #7 Concerning Parking - Repealed (March 27, 2024)

Policy 8: Conditions for Admission to Diploma of College Studies (DEC) Programs - Dissolved
Policy 9: Hiring and Evaluation of the External Auditor
Policy 10: Human Resources Management

Policy 11. Professional Development for Employees - Dissolved
Policy 12: Appraisal of Non-Teaching Personnel

Policy 13: Staffing - Dissolved
Policy 14: Welcoming, Integration and Recognition of Staff Members - Dissolved

Policy 15: Faculty Evaluation
                      Procedure 31.1 - New Teachers
                      Procedure 31.2 - Seasoned Teachers

Policy 16: Abolished and re-introduced as Bylaw #7
Policy 17: Program Evaluation

                      Reference Document P17.1
                      Reference Document P17.3

Policy 18: Dissolved (included in policy #5 IPESA)
Policy 19: Conditions of Eligibility for a Work Term

Policy 20: Dissolved (included in Policy 19)
Policy 21: Smoking

Policy 22: Records and Archives Management

Policy 23: Use of Electronic Networks
                      Reference Document P23.1 for Students
                      Reference Document P23.2 for Employees

Policy 24: Standards of Student Conduct

Policy 25: Supplementary Working Conditions for Management Personnel
Policy 26: Assessment of Management Personnel
Policy 27: Working Conditions for Non-Unionized Support (NUS) Personnel

Policy 28: Employment Equity
                      Supporting material for Heritage College Policy #28

Policy 29: Facilities Use and Rental

Politique 29: L’utilisation et la location des installations

Policy 30: Acquisition of Goods and Services

Policy 31: Allotment of the Balance of Funds
Policy 33: Academic Integrity

Policy 34: Concerning the French Language

Politique 34 : Sur la langue française

Policy 35: Naming of College Spaces and Services

Policy 36: Promotion of the English Language
                      Reference Document P36.1
                      Reference Document P36.2

Policy 37: International Cooperation

Policy 38: Environmental Management

Policy 40: Recognition of Acquired Competencies

Policy 42: Contract Rules Compliance Monitor (Repealed)
Policy 43: Communications and Corporate Identity Policy

Policy 44: Concerning Prevention of Sexual Violence

Policy 45: Expense Reimbursement

                      Reference Document P45 – Travel and Representation

                      Reference Document P45 – Travel and Representation updated 2022

Policy 46: Concerning Corruption and Collusion Risk Management