Out-of-province basic admission criteria

For admission to a diploma of college studies (Diplôme d'études collégiales - DEC) program, you need to have the equivalent to a Quebec High School Diploma, including specific program pre-requisites and requirements. Students from secondary schools in a province other than Quebec must have  completed, or be in process of completing, the following minimum requirements:

  • Alberta: Grade 11 (67-100 credits)
  • British Columbia: Grade 11
  • Manitoba: Grade 11 (minimum 13 credits )
  • New Brunswick: Grade 11 (minimum 12 or 13 credits, depending on regime)
  • Newfoundland: Grade 11 (minimum 24 credits)
  • Nova Scotia: Grade 11 (minimum 12 credits)
  • Ontario: Secondary School Diploma or Grade 11 (minimum 22 credits)
  • Prince Edward Island: Grade 11 (minimum 12 credits)
  • Saskatchewan: Grade 11 (minimum 16 credits)

Applicants from other Canadian provinces

Applicants from other Canadian provinces should contact an Academic Advisor in Student Services for more information on program prerequisites, as admission requirements vary from province to province.

For general information purposes only, SRAM offers tables providing the list of Ontario and New Brunswick courses that meet the Quebec prerequisites for certain college programs

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