Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office helps students work with their government’s student financial aid program in order to pursue their studies at Cégep Heritage College. One very important thing to remember, regardless of the program you are applying to:  you must submit your application every year, at least six weeks before the beginning of the semester, in order to receive the funding in time for the start of term. 

Government Student Loans and Bursaries Program

You may apply to the Québec loans and bursary program for assistance during your full-time studies.

This program helps students with the cost of their basic needs. Some students may have to cut down on non-essential life expenses to make ends meet and/or obtain part-time employment.  The amount awarded to students is based on their annual income and on their parents' or spouse’s annual income, as applicable.

If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident from another province visit National Student Loans Service Centre for information about government financial aid.

Institution and Program Codes for Applicants

Your financial aid application will ask you for a program code. This code is not the same as the one you see on your admission letter, schedule, or on the website. This code is only used for financial aid.

Cégep Heritage College Institution Code:

  • Quebec applicants  919001
  • All other provinces FJCK

Program Codes:

Career Programs

  • Accounting & Management Technology 410B0
  • Specialization in Administrative Data Processing 420A0
  • Early Childhood Care and Education 322A0
  • Electronics & Information Technology 243B0
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management 430A0
  • Graphic and Web Design 412A0
  • Nursing 180A0
  • Special Care Counselling 351A0
  • Tourism 414A0

Pre-University Programs

  • Commerce - Social Science 300A0
  • Liberal Arts 700B0
  • Science 200B0
  • Social Science 300A0
  • Visual Arts 510A0

AEC Programs

  • Proficiency In Diversified Agriculture Production CNE0X
  • Beef Cattle Production Management CNE07
  • Management of the Farm Enterprise CNE0M
  • Starting a Sheep Production Business CNE0S
  • Bilingual Office Administration LCE51
  • Early Childhood Care and Education JEE1G
  • Microsoft Network & Security Administrator LEA1G
  • Web and Desktop Programming LEA25

Springboard: 08106

How much can you receive?

There are many assessment simulator tools to give you an idea of the financial assistance you could be awarded. Choose the one that applies to you:

If you require any financial help, or have any questions, please make an appointment with Financial Aid Officer through Omnivox.

CICan Paul and Gerri Charette Bursary Program

  • Value: $5,000
  • Program of Study: Any multi-year program
  • Number of Awards: up to 1 per CICan member institution

Cegep Heritage College is looking for one candidate to recommend for this scholarship

Applicant must:

  • Be enrolled full time in the first year of a multi-year program at a CICan member institution
  • Be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, permanent resident, or a protected person
  • Be able to demonstrate financial need

Instructions to express your interest in this bursary:

Please send your documents (6)  to Registrar Office by Monday September 28th, 2020.

  • Please demonstrate (max 750 words) of the financial impact that this bursary would have.
  • Please demonstrate (max 750 words) how the bursary will help eliminate challenges or barriers to participating in and completing education.
  • Attach your short essay (max 10000 words) describing the impact that the bursary will have on your ability to attend a college or institute and your involvement in the community.
  • Attach three letters of support from people who know you. This can include a past or current employer, a teacher, a college administrator, a member of a community or campus organization, someone involved in student services or a faculty member.

Loran Awards

The Loran Award supports promising young Canadians who show strength of character and a commitment to service in their communities, challenging them to fully realize their leadership potential. In 2020-21, the Loran Scholars Foundation will offer up to 125 financial awards funding studies on Canadian campuses at the following three levels:

Loran Awards

Up to 36 available and valued at up to $100,000 over four years, each award includes an annual stipend of $10,000, a matching tuition waiver, access to summer funding through our summer program, invitations to annual gatherings and forums with other high-potential youth, and mentorship opportunities.

  • Loran Scholars may pursue undergraduate studies at the following universities only: Alberta, British Columbia, Calgary, Dalhousie, Guelph, King’s, Laval, McGill, McMaster, Manitoba, Memorial, Montréal, Mount Allison, New Brunswick, Ottawa, Queen’s, Ryerson, Saskatchewan, Sherbrooke, Simon Fraser, Toronto, Waterloo, Western, Victoria, York.
  • Loran Scholars must meet university and program admission requirements, while studying outside of their home region. To renew the award, Loran Scholars must maintain a B+ standing (3.3) under a full course load, live in university residence for the first year of study, show continued evidence of character, service, and leadership, and continue studies at their university of entrance.

Finalist Awards

Up to 42 one-time awards valued at $5,000 offered to finalists not selected as Loran Scholars for use at any public Canadian university. PROVINCIAL & TERRITORIAL AWARDS Up to 53 one-time awards valued at $2,000 offered to top candidates chosen by sponsored and direct pool interview committees, for use at any public Canadian university.

Provincial & Territorial Awards

Up to 53 one-time awards valued at $2,000 offered to top candidates chosen by sponsored and direct pool
interview committees, for use at any public Canadian university.

Please note:

This year, interviews at both the semi-final and final level will be held virtually. For students without internet capability at home, we will work with them to secure a location where they can access the internet. If we are unsuccessful, they will be interviewed by phone.


Eligibility criteria for high school students

  1. Be graduating from high school in 2021. Note: Students who graduated in 2020 and are currently taking a gap year are eligible to apply through the direct pool.
  2. Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%.
  3. Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
  4. Be 16 years of age or older as of September 1st, 2021.

Eligibility criteria for Cegep students in Quebec

  1. Be in their final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in Cegep. Students planning to attend university outside of Quebec after only one year of Cegep are also eligible to apply.
  2. Present a minimum overall R Score of 29.
  3. Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
  4. Be 16 years of age or older as of September 1st, 2021.

“I am grateful to Loran for the people it's brought into my life, the experiences it’s allowed me to have, the times it’s pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to grow, the times the community has picked me up when I was struggling, and for giving me the confidence and courage to step away from the traditional path and know that I will land on my feet.”

Daniel Brown (2015 Loran Scholar)

Instructions for All Applicants

  1. Review the information at  thoroughly before beginning the official application process.
  2. The application is entirely online. You do not need to mail anything. Complete the application at
  3. As part of the online application, tell us whether you are seeking sponsorship from your school. Each high school may sponsor up to three candidates. Cegeps may sponsor up to eight candidates. Note: If you do not receive sponsorship from your school, your application will automatically be considered in the direct pool. We look for the same criteria in both pools, and we discover and select Loran Scholars from both categories every year.
  4. You will need to request a reference from a teacher, community member, or someone else who is familiar with your activities. The reference may not be a family member or friend. Note: The reference letter and sponsorship confirmation must be complete by the application deadline. They can only be completed after you have finished your section of the application. Make sure that your reference writer and sponsor are given ample time to complete their portions of the application before the deadline. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all elements of the application are submitted on time. 

Important Dates 2020-2021


Early September 

Find all the information you need to apply at

October 15 

Deadline for all sponsored applications to be submitted.

October 22 

Deadline for all direct pool applications to be submitted.

November – December 

Applicants selected for semi-final interviews will be notified with at least two weeks' notice before their interview day. 

Mid-November – Mid-January

Online semi-final interviews for shortlisted sponsored and direct pool applicants. Interviews will be held between 9am–4pm local time of semi-finalists on weekdays.


Late January

All finalists will be invited to final interviews, with at least four weeks' notice.

February – March

Online final interviews. 

Please Note

The process of admission to university and residence is the sole responsibility of each applicant and is separate from the application to the Loran Scholars Foundation.


phone: 416-646-2120 x100 

toll-free: 1-866-544-2673 x100 


Intern Perseverance and Success Scholarship

The Intern Perseverance and Success Scholarship for Various Programs in Education, Health and Social Services is intended to encourage students to persevere in and successfully complete their studies.

Study programs and scholarship amounts

Technical programs
  • Nursing ($2 500)
  • Early Childhood Education ($2 300)
  • Special Care Counselling ($2 300)


You will receive the first installment at the beginning of the internship, which accounts for one half of the total amount of the scholarship. The second installment will be made once the educational institution confirms you have successfully completed your internship.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Be enrolled in the final compulsory internship in either Nursing, ECCE and SCC at Cegep Heritage College
  • Complete the internship in Québec (exceptional circumstances can apply)
  • Complete more than half of the internship between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022

Repeating an internship

If you failed or abandoned your internship and subsequently retake it, you must resubmit your application for the scholarship. Since you have already received the first installment of the scholarship, you will only receive the second installment upon successful completion of your internship.

If you abandoned your internship in the first 30 days and do not repeat it no later than the following school year, you must repay the amount received.

Submitting an application


Important information

This scholarship is taxable. You will receive a tax slip in 2022 for your 2021 tax return.

The scholarship received must be declared on the Scholarships or bursaries line of your 2021-2022 application for financial assistance from the Loans and Bursaries Program.

Questions or help filling out this application please contact:

Christine Smyth (MIO) (Outlook)


Schedule an appointment through the Omnivox appointment module

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