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The Visual Arts program cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. The program’s studio work includes drawing, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, and digital media. As a student in the program, you are exposed to culture through contemporary and historical art. Your studies are enhanced with courses in English, French, Physical Education, and Philosophy to ensure that you are well-rounded for future endeavors. Courses come alive through experiences such as field trips to museums, galleries, and guest lecturers from the artistic community. In this program, you will be ready for university with the ability to manage time, organize projects, and wield a wide range of artistic skills.

Program takeaways

Opens doors

As a pre-university program, your diploma in Visual Arts can be applied to any general arts program at university including political science, psychology, geography, history, and art history. In Visual Arts, we learn to think outside the box, a skill that fits everywhere!

Build your portfolio

Our program ensures you are prepared to pursue further education in art by gaining experience in drawing, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, and digital media. You will learn photographic skills to show your work at its best to help you develop a finished portfolio, which will include independent projects. You will also be able to take advantage of the annual art show to display your work.

Future art careers

With a diploma in Visual Arts and your art portfolio, you have many opportunities in creative fields. Our students can pursue anything: from animation and computer art to  interior design.  

Career and study opportunities

With a diploma in Visual Arts and your art portfolio, you have many opportunities in creative fields. Our students can pursue:

  • animation
  • computer art
  • photography
  • painting, drawing
  • sculpture
  • graphic design
  • fashion design
  • illustration
  • cartooning
  • art gallery and museum curating
  • set and costume design
  • interior design
  • industrial design
  • architectural technician
  • art education
  • art therapy

I'm a graduate from the Visual Arts program at CÉGEP Heritage College. Subsequently, I attended the 2D animation program at Herzing College in Ottawa and as part of that program I was given the opportunity for the internship at Big Jump Entertainment. This is one of several thriving animation studios in Ottawa, Ontario. Big jump develops and produces several prime time TV shows for both children and adult audiences. They produced Trailer park Boys, F is for Family, Camp WWE and many others! Heritage College provided me with an excellent and essential education on several artistic styles and techniques. The knowledge of the elements and principles of design and the professional way to build a portfolio were monumental parts of my education that Heritage College gave to me. Heritage college made it possible to get accepted to Herzing college and in turn gave me a strong rudimentary visual arts foundation. Anybody considering going to CÉGEP Heritage College, I'd say go for it ! I'd also say, talk to the teachers & go on a tour, you'll see that it's definitely the kind of supportive, professional and engaging environment that will help a student grow profoundly. My future is bright and I owe it to the passionate and dedicated staff at Heritage. I would definitely not be where I am today without this paramount stepping stone to my path as an animator and a freelance artist.

Chlöe Gervais

Animator intern

Big Jump Entertainment

Visual Arts Graduate 2017

My studies at Heritage College lead me to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University where I have found a thriving learning environment. As I continue my studies with the aim to enter the field of art therapy, I think back on the support that allowed me to pursue what I love. The teachers in the Visual Arts department pushed me out of my creative comfort zone and although at times it was a most frustrating experience, it has allowed me to have a broader understanding of the art world and its endless possibilities. The program itself has helped me navigate my University experience making it more enriching and enjoyable. I feel very grateful to have had access to so many amazing artists and individuals who have shaped the student, the person, and the artist I am now. I will forever cherish my time spent at Heritage College.

Jericho Sanderson-Knight 
2019 Graduate in Visual Arts