Founded in 1986, the CÉGEP Heritage Endowment for Outstanding Academic Achievement was established in 1985. It is a privately subscribed fund whose mandate is to provide scholarships for outstanding CÉGEP Heritage College graduating students. 

The Heritage Endowment for Outstanding Academic Achievement is a registered charitable organization whose goal is to raise and manage money to be awarded annually in a series of Scholarships to graduating students of CÉGEP Heritage College.

Scholarships and awards

The CÉGEP Heritage Endowment for Outstanding Academic Achievement administers:

  • 10 scholarships ($150-$400 each)
  • an Essay Award ($400)

The Phil Armstrong Award 

The Phil Armstrong Award in Economics is presented annually to the graduating student in the Social Sciences that shows a commitment to the study of economic and social justice. ($400)

Deanna Wilson Hughes Memorial Award 

The Deanna Wilson Hughes Memorial Award ($400) is presented annually to the graduating Nursing student who, in the opinion of the Nursing department, best combines excellence in clinical performance, leadership and academic achievement. It is named in memory of the first Coordinator of Nursing at Heritage.

Hugh Pomeroy Memorial Award 

The Hugh Pomeroy Memorial Award($400) acknowledges leadership and outstanding athletic ability, as well as academic achievement. It is named for a former student and athlete whose tragic death cut short his hopes of competing in the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Jean Dufresne Memorial Award 

The Jean Dufresne Memorial Award ($400) is presented annually to the graduating mature student who has best demonstrated perseverance, tenacity and scholarship in overcoming barriers to academic success.

Richard E. Henderson Award 

The Richard E. Henderson Award ($400) recognizes academic achievement, contribution to the quality of life at Heritage, and service to the community. It is named in memory of the first Chairman of the Heritage Campus Board of Governors.

Robert W. Waddell Memorial Award 

The Robert W. Waddell Memorial Award ($400) is presented annually to the student who has best demonstrated academic excellence; has actively participated in the arts and culture; and whose enthusiasm has inspired team success. It is named in memory of the first Associate Academic Dean of Continuing Education.

William Young Environment Protection Scholarship 

The William Young Environment Protection Scholarship ($400) is presented annually to the student who has demonstrated interest and commitment to environmental protection, has academic excellence and shows interest in an environmental studies program of a recognized college or university.

James M. Graham Memorial Award  

The James M. Graham Memorial Award ($150) is presented annually to a graduating Continuing Education student in an attestation program who, as determined by the Academic Services/Continuing Education department, best combines leadership, academic achievement, perseverance, tenacity and employability.

Barbara Chase Memorial and Terrence Keough Essay Writing Award 

The Barbara Chase/Terrence Keough Essay Writing Award($400) recognizes the creative writing talents of our graduating students and will be presented at graduation to the student whose essay submission is judged to be the best overall based on creativity, structure, persuasiveness, clarity and effectiveness. The Essay Topics will be sent to all Graduating Students through MIO, and can be sent as a word file or .pdf to

Lawrence Kolesar Award 

The Lawrence Kolesar Award($400) (formerly the President's Award) is presented annually to the graduating student who has accumulated the highest average over all semesters. This award is given in honour of the first Director General of Heritage College.

Jane Larwill Memorial Award AMT Entrepreneurship Award  

The Jane Larwill Memorial AMT Entrepreneurship Award ($400) is given to the graduating student who demonstrates leadership, creativity, and commitment to the Accounting and Management Program.


Students are nominated for the awards by teachers, staff/professionals at the College, and fellow students. The Endowment Fund committee then meets to look at the submissions and testimonies about the lives and achievements of the nominees, as well as their community and academic contributions.

The selection process seeks to honour the criteria of each award by choosing the nominee that best meets the established requirements, and suits the spirit and characteristics of each award.

Nominations will also be accepted through this form for the Kim Tysick Memorial Award, as given by the Development Fund. Information for that award is available here: 

Nomination Form


While the integrity of the Endowment Fund is maintained and administered by a small and dedicated board that serves the interests of the Fund, its continuation is made possible through the generous donations of Alumni, professionals in the region, faculty and staff past and present, the Student Association, and families throughout the CÉGEP Heritage College Community.

It was founded with the firm conviction that students at the post-secondary level merit the support of the community to which they belong, and its mandate is the promotion, provision, development, and improvement of scholarship opportunities for the graduating students of CÉGEP Heritage College.

You can help! All donations are gratefully received and acknowledged. Donations made to the fund receive tax deductible receipts upon request. 

In Memoriam Donations

Should you ever wish to convey an expression of condolence to a friend or family member, we urge you to consider an In Memoriam donation to the Heritage Endowment Fund.

A specially designed In Memoriam card is available to send to the bereaved. We also send you, the donor, a receipt for income tax purposes.

Endowment Fund members 2022-2023

  • Chair/President – Mark Molnar
  • Vice-President – Rachael Fieldsend
  • Treasurer – Sylvie Desaulniers
  • Secretary – Cathy Dufour
  • Other Members – Christine Smyth, Allan McDonald, and Larry Kolesar