The Heritage Endowment for Outstanding Academic Achievement was established in 1985. It is a privately subscribed fund, independent of CÉGEP Heritage College, set up to provide scholarships for outstanding graduating students. The value of each award is four hundred dollars ($400).

The Heritage College Development Fund was incorporated in 1997. The purpose of this foundation is to solicit and administer funds through various fundraising activities in order to benefit the educational mission of CÉGEP Heritage College.

Who can nominate?

Nominations may be made by:

  • CÉGEP Heritage College faculty and/or staff members
  • CÉGEP Heritage College students
  • oneself
  • members of the community

Criteria for awards

The Phil Armstrong Award in Economics

  • Student in the Social Sciences
  • Shows a commitment to the study of economic
  • Shows a commitment to the study of social justice

The Richard E. Henderson Award

  • Academic achievement
  • Contribution to the quality of life at CÉGEP Heritage College
  • Service to the community

The Hugh Pomeroy Memorial Award

  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership
  • Outstanding athletic ability

The William Young Environment Protection Scholarship

  • Academic achievement
  • Has demonstrated interest and commitment to environmental protection

The Jean Dufresne Memorial Award

  • Perseverance, tenacity, and scholarship in overcoming barriers to academic success
  • Mature student

The Robert W. Waddell Memorial Award

  • Academic excellence
  • Active participation in the arts and culture
  • Enthusiasm inspires team success

Criteria for Development Fund Award

The Kim Tysick Memorial Award

  • A graduating student who overcame considerable challenges and difficulties while completing their studies
  • A graduating student who demonstrates dedication and commitment in the college community i.e. sports, recreation and or volunteer work etc.
  • A student who persevered to successfully graduate
  • A student who is furthering studies at a university level would be considered an asset.

Submission Deadline

This form and all supporting documents must be received no later than May 14th, 2024. Supporting documents can be submitted to Student Services in person, or by Fax or email.

Heritage Graduation (Student Services)

Nomination Form for Heritage Endowment for Outstanding Academic Achievement