The Procedure of Ordering Books

Please note that the procedure of ordering books will remain the same as for the Fall semester, except for the contact information. Please also find attached the new book order form for the Winter 2022 semester, with the contact information updated.

  1. One order form must be filled per teacher, clearly indicating the name and course number for each book order using the attached Coopsco Book Order Form. 
  2. Once the form is completed for book ordering, teachers need to forward this form via email at the attention of Cathy Bérubé at
  3. Teachers will be notified by email upon receipt of your order and the books will be available in the bookstore for a period of 30 days from de the date of receipt

For course pack requests (same process as last year)

  1. If you have a course pack request(s), please complete the attached form titled: Binding and Course Pack Request Form and forward your course pack ​file (e-version) via email to the Information Office personnel at  who will then order the necessary material and will produce the course pack.

Notes to Keep in Mind

  • The Books are ordered with Coopsco.
  • The Course packs are sent and prepared by the Information Office Personnel, this is why a different form must be used for this.
  • Enrollment is an estimate, we do not expect you to know the exact number of students in the winter.
  • With all the shipping challenges and delays lately, we kindly urge you to order now.

Please note that Academic Services will inform both faculty and students on how , where and when books and course packs will be accessible.

Need to talk to someone in the COOPSCO  bookstore located in the Agora?

Please call  819 – 778 -2270 ext 1460

Or visit us during opening hours