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The CÉGEP Heritage College Student Association promotes and defends students’ rights and interests, making the College a better place for students. The Student Association is also responsible for managing on-campus clubs. The executive has seven roles that are voted in by the student body. 

Student Association Executive

2023 – 2024 Executive

  • President - Madeleine Landon
  • Vice-President - Carolyn Su
  • Treasurer - Kristena Mansour
  • Secretary - Branda Vijeyabala
  • Promotion Officer - Amanda Selman-Reynolds
  • Activity Coordinator - Sabrina Yuan
  • Deputy Activity Coordinator - Philippe Malara

The Student Association office is located in room A-120. 

Positions up for election are:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Activities Coordinator 

Roles and responsibilities of the Executive


The President is:

a) The Chairperson of the Executive.

b) The official spokesperson for the Executive and Association on collegial matters.

c) Responsible for the overall operations of the Executive.

d) Responsible for calling all meetings of the Executives.

e) Responsible for co-signing any financial transactions with the Treasurer.

f) An ex-officio member of the Board of Governors of Cégep Heritage College.

g) Responsible for presenting a summary of the Association’s activities at each meeting of the College’s Board of Governors.


The Treasurer is:

a) Responsible for keeping records of all financial transactions.

b) Responsible for preparing a draft budget for the Executive’s consideration no less than one week prior to the commencement of the Fall semester.

c) Responsible for preparing the final budget approved by all members of the Executive one week after election.

d) Responsible for publishing the final budget and a financial statement at the middle and end of each semester.

e) Responsible for co-signing any financial transactions with the President.

f) Responsible for following and upholding the Association’s Financial Management Policy in accordance with the Association’s Bylaw 1.7

g) Responsible for producing a summary of financial activities for the report to the College’s Board of Governors at the end of the academic year.

h) Responsible for initiating annual audit.


The Secretary is:

a) Responsible for maintaining accurate order of all files, records, documents and official correspondence which pertains to the proceedings of either the Executive.

b) Responsible for posting notices of Executive meetings, and General Assemblies.

c) Responsible for preparing an agenda for all Executive meetings, and General Assemblies in collaboration with other Executives.

d) Responsible for taking minutes of all Executive meetings, and General Assemblies and for posting these minutes to the membership within six (6) lecture days.

e) Responsible for typing and recording any official correspondence.

f) Responsible for collecting information requested by an Executive Officer.

g) Responsible for attending all meetings that pertain to the Association as a whole.

Activities Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator is:

a) Responsible for the promotion and development of social and sport interests

within the Association.

b) Responsible for the organization of the Association’s student activities in

collaboration with the Executive Officers.

c) Responsible for conducting a survey to determine the satisfaction with

activities held.

d) Responsible for creating the social media page.

e) Responsible for promoting student pubs and events.

Election Timeline

Nomination deadline: April 22nd

Campaign period: April 23rd- May 6th.

Election period: May 7th -9th

Nomination Procedure

  • Nomination Forms are available online and through the Association Office or Student Services.
  • Nominations must be received by Student Services no later than ten (10) lecture days prior to Election Day.
  • A prospective candidate must have the signatures of no less than twenty (20) members.
  • A candidate may only run for the position indicated on the Nomination Form and must respect the timeline stated above.

Elections Officer

If you would like more information or would like to discuss running for office, please contact our Elections Officer, Jeremy Howard.

Questions? Contact us

Student Life Advisor

Jeremy Howard


(819) 778-2270 ext.1820