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Our three-year Computer Science co-op program prepares you for a challenging career in software development. The program specializes in secure web application development built on an object-oriented modeling approach.

The integrated program uses a hands-on, project-oriented approach to provide you with the skills to succeed in the workplace. You will learn to develop software in a variety of programming languages, model and design databases, and build complete software applications in a team environment. You will also learn the latest industry trends, such as IT security, machine learning and IoT.

Our graduates develop the skills crucial for employment in the industry: problem solving, communication, interpersonal and professionalism. Our small class sizes and industry-experienced teachers make this an ideal place to learn and launch your IT career.

Program takeaways


Our Computer Science program teaches you a variety of programming languages and technologies: Java, C#, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, MVC and a variety of other web services. You will model and design Oracle, SQL Server and unstructured databases. You will use Linux, Windows, and Windows Server environments to learn computer hardware, operating systems, networks and IT security topics.

Real-world projects

Using knowledge gained in our program, you will develop a real-world web application in a team environment. You and your team will work with a client to define the application requirements, design, implement, test, and deploy the application using an Agile development methodology. You will practice valuable communication and teamwork skills and conduct yourself professionally -- skills that are crucial to success in the industry.

Valuable work experience

By participating in two paid work placements, you will gain relevant experience and make valuable industry contacts. We have a successful co-op program with a very high placement rate. Many employers return year after year to hire students both for co-op and for full time positions after graduation.

Career and study opportunities

Computer Science graduates enjoy excellent starting salaries and a high-level of employment in both the public and private sectors. Career options include:

  • Software developers
  • Full stack web developers/designers
  • Mobile application developers
  • Database administrators
  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Technical support specialists

Students also have the option of pursuing a university degree upon graduating.

Computer Science at Heritage College is a well structured program that provides you with the fundamentals to grow a successful career. The co-op opportunities at Heritage allow students to gain real world experience and grow their professional networks. The professors go the extra mile and help you succeed. I highly recommend Computer Science at Heritage College.

Brian Farias Tavares

2013 Graduate in Computer Science

As a result of successfully completing the Computer Science program, I was able to acquire a job that I love, bought myself a car and my own house, and I am able to enjoy leisure traveling on a regular basis. I thank the faculty of the Computer Science program and the program itself for setting me up for this amazing life in the field I knew I was meant to be a part of.

Nick Renaud

2012 Graduate in Computer Science