Academic Calendar* 2021-2022

FALL 2021



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Academic Calendar* 2021-2022 

Academic Calendar* 2020-2021

FALL 2020

August 10Student schedules are available
August 10-21Student Orientation Activities
August 12English Exit Exam (EEE)
August 14Faculty holidays end
August 17-21Program and Teacher Orientation
August 24-28Classes begin - ADAPTATION WEEK
September 7Holiday - Labour Day
September 18Withdrawal Deadline
October 12Holiday - Thanksgiving Day
October 13-16WELLNESS WEEK - no classes
October 21-27Course selection for returning students
October 26Exam Schedules available for students
November 1Winter Program change
December 8Review Day
December 9Review Day
December 10-18Formal Examination Period
December 16English Exit Exam (EEE)
December 21-28Marking Period - no classes
December 25Holiday - Christmas
December 29-31Non-teaching availability - no classes


January 1Holiday - New Years
January 4-15Non-teaching availability - no classes
January 6Student schedules are available
January 18Classes begin
January 18-22FIRST WEEK
February 12Withdrawal deadline
March 1Fall program change deadline
March 1-4WELLNESS DAYS - no course work**
March 5Holiday - Mid-Term**
March 8Exam schedule available to students
March 17-30Course selection (returning students)
March 30Friday schedule
April 2 &  5Holiday - Good Friday & Easter Monday
May 11Last day of formal classes
May 12Review Day
May 13-21Exam period
May 19English Exit Exam
May 25-June 1Marking Period - no classes
May 24Holiday - Victoria Day
June 2-14Non-teaching availability - no classes

*This Winter 2021 calendar has 75 days (15 weeks) of formal classes and 7 days of evaluation in the semester. It applies to Regular Day Sector programs (DEC programs) and courses. Continuing Education students should refer to their schedule for confirmation of classes. Last modified: 25 November 2020

**The dates of the Wellness days and Mid-Term Holiday will be harmonized with that of the local school board

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