Admission confirmation steps

Welcome to Cégep Heritage College!

Your admission letter is available on Omnivox. You will need your Permanent Code and your Student Number from your SRAM account.

To accept your offer of admission to the College and retain your place/courses, it is important that you follow the steps below by the deadlines:

  • Set up your Omnivox account
  • Confirm your courses in the Course Selection module on Omnivox
  • Pay your registration fees before the deadline indicated in your admission letter
  • Pick up your schedule on Omnivox by the deadline indicated in your admission letter

If you have any questions or if you experience technical difficulties, contact the Registrar’s Office.

Admission eligibility

If you have not met the College or program conditions of admission (indicated in your admission letter), contact Student Services as soon as possible. You may be able to pick up the courses required for your program during Summer School or in the Springboard option in the Fall semester while taking General Education courses that can be transferred to your program later on.

Summer school

College Courses

Each June and July, the College offers college level courses. To register for college level summer school courses, you must:

  • In Omnivox, complete the Online Summer School Registration Form
  • Your Registration request will be evaluated by your Academic Advisor and the Registrar’s Office will confirm your registration through MIO you are passing/have passed the prerequisite to the remedial course and the courses required for a High School Diploma (HSD)
  • Once your registration is processed you will finalize your registration by paying your fees before the registration deadline for your course (s)”

Remedial Courses

Each July, the College offers remedial high-school courses required for admission to certain programs. To register for summer school, you must:

  • prove that you are passing/have passed the prerequisite to the remedial course and the courses required for a High School Diploma (HSD)
  • submit the Summer 2022 Remedial Courses Registration Form before the deadline stated on the form
  • Summer College Courses 

Contact theRegistrar’s office to discuss your eligibility and registration.

Please note:

  • High school courses taken at the College cannot be used to complete the requirements of a High School Diploma
  • Most diploma programs start in the Fall semester only
  • Remedial and college courses are run based on sufficient enrollment

Language placement

English placement

All diploma programs include four English courses. Depending on your previous studies in English, you may need to take a written, one-hour placement test to determine if you need a preparation course before the first Introduction to College English Course.

You will be contacted about an English placement test if:

  • you studied in an English high school in Quebec and have a secondary 5 English grade below 66%, or
  • you studied in a French high school in Quebec and took secondary 5 Basic English as a second language, or
  • you studied in a French high school in Quebec and took secondary 5 Enriched English as a second language and have a grade below 75%, or
  • you studied in Canada in an English high school outside of Quebec and your grade in English is below 66%, or
  • you studied outside of Canada 

French placement

Every diploma program includes two French courses. Streaming in your first French course is based on your previous studies in French and is assessed by the Language Department. No placement test is required.

If you do not have previous studies in French, you will be required to take a preparation course.

The English and French preparation courses are available in the Summer and Fall semesters, but taking the course in the Summer allows students to stay on track for their program and graduation timeline.


To make sure you start off right, you should attend the New Student Orientation session in August (before classes start). This is your chance to get to know staff and students, buy your books, find your locker, set up your computer accounts, ask all your questions, and have fun. Look out for your invitation on Omnivox.

Student essentials


Textbooks, Course Packs, Materials and Supplies
We no longer have a bookstore situated at the College. Textbooks can be purchased online.


You can select your locker for the academic year (August - May) on the Omnivox Lockers module.  To change your locker, visit Student Services. Lockers must be emptied by the last day of May, every school year, to allow for proper cleaning.

Student ID card

You will need an ID card before your orientation session and throughout the year to access all that The College has to offer. Your ID card allows you to:

  • access the library's resources
  • access the Fitness Centre
  • borrow equipment
  • prove your student status (when writing exams, interacting with services, etc.)

When you set up your Omnivox account, you will be directed to create your digital card. If you need a physical card or technical support, Computer Services can help you.


Parking is limited at The College. If you have a vehicle, you have two options:

Please note:  Having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space. Our parking lots are monitored by the City of Gatineau. 

You can also consider alternative modes of transportation, such as ride-sharing (through the Carpooling module on Omnivox) or biking. Bike racks are available on site.

Bus pass

The Société de Transport de l'Outaouais (STO) CamPuce bus passes are available for full-time students.  The STO will be on campus for one day during the first week of classes or you can buy a pass from one of their service outlets.


The cafeteria is located near the gym corridor and is open between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. , from Monday to Friday.


Get to know and love Omnivox! It gives you access to our services and many Intranet Community groups to support you during your time at The College. Important instructions, news, messages, and events are posted regularly on Omnivox. To keep up-to-date with your messages, we recommend setting up email forwarding to your regular email via the Messages in Omnivox (MIO) settings.

Withdrawal and refunds

If for some reason you cannot attend The College, you should contact Student Services as soon as possible to remove your student record and be eligible for a refund. Refunds vary:

  • 100% before the first day of classes
  • 70% after the first day of classes and before the official withdrawal deadline

Please note:  application, registration, and late penalty fees are non-refundable. If you stop attending the college or your classes after the official withdrawal deadline, your courses and grades will remain on your record and you are not eligible for a refund.

Student Guide to CEGEP

English Colleges’ Survival Guide to Online Learning

This guide is the combined effort of eight English Colleges: Champlain Lennoxville, Champlain St. Lambert, Champlain St. Lawrence, Dawson College, Heritage College, John Abbott College, Marianopolis College, and Vanier College.

In the Winter 2020 semester, we had to pivot to remote emergency online learning. We decided to work together to help everyone to prepare for the coming semester. This guide allows students to self-assess their readiness for college success and  keep the resources for reference to help them along the way. Students, by consulting each section, you have the opportunity to reflect, learn new strategies, find helpful information, and get an overview of your college’s resources.

This guide can also be found in the Community group of Registrar Services, on Omnivox

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