Basic admission requirements

The basic entrance requirement for students applying to all programs at CÉGEP Heritage College is the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies (Diplôme d'études secondaires- DES) which include the following courses:

  • Secondary 4 Science or Physical Science
  • Secondary 4 Math
  • Secondary 4 History
  • Secondary 5 Language of Instruction
  • Secondary 5 Second Language

Course key

Please refer to the following course key to better understand the various levels of mathematics and science requirements. These are the course levels offered under the current Quebec high school regime. 


CST - Cultural, Social and Technicial  (Basic)

TS - Technicial Scientific (Advanced)

SN - Scientific (Advanced)


ST - Science and Technology 

EST - Environmental Science and Technology

AST - Applied Science and Technology

SE - Science and the Environment

Program specific prerequisites and ministry codes

Some of our programs require specific pre-requisites. Below you will find a list of our programs, their pre-requisites, and the Ministry program code you may need when you apply online. 

Accounting and Management Technology

  • Program code: 410.B0
  • Specific pre-requisites: CST5 (TS4 or SN4 recommended)

Computer Science

  • Program code: 420.B0
  • Specific pre-requisities : CST5 or TS4 or SN4

Early Childhood Education

  • Program code: 322.A1
  • No additional pre-requisites 

Electronic Engineering Technology 

  • Program code: 243.G0
  • Specific pre-requisites: CST5 (TS4 or SN4 recommended) 

Graphic and Web Design

  • Program code: 570.G0
  • No additional pre-requisites 

Liberal Arts

  • Program code: 700.B0
    • With Mathematics specific pre-requisities: TS5 or SN5
    • Without Mathematics specific pre-requisities: CST4


  • Program code: 180.A0
  • Specific pre-requisites:
    • Sec. IV Science and Technology AND Sec. IV Environmental Science and Technology (8 credits) OR Applied Science and Technology AND Science and the Environment (8 credits)
    • Sec. V Chemistry

Additional Heritage College criteria: applicants with a Secondary 5 average of 75% or higher are prioritized. Must meet a 101 college level of English and French after testing/evaluation.


  • Program code: 200.B1
  • Specific pre-requisities: TS5 or SN5 and Chemistry 5 and Physics 5

Additional Heritage College criteria: applicants with a Secondary 5 math below 70% streamed into Pre-Calculus profile.

Social Science - with Mathematics

  • Program code: 300.M1
    • Mathematics Profile specific pre-requisities: TS5 or SN5

Social Science - without Mathematics

  • Program code: 300.M0
  • Specific pre-requisities: CST4 

Special Education Techniques

  • Program code: 351.A1
  • No additional pre-requisites 

Visual Arts

  • Program code: 510.A0
  • No additional pre-requisites 

Springboard to a DCS*

  • Program code: 081.06
  • No additional pre-requisites 

* Springboard to a diploma of college studies is not a program leading to a diploma. Rather, it is a semester where students can take preparatory courses, or explore different program specific courses, before switching into a regular program. Please note: regular programs start in the Fall only.

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Preparatory courses offered at The College

Preparatory courses cannot be taken to complete the requirements of a high school diploma. Preparatory courses offered are subject to sufficient enrolment. For more information on our preparatory courses please visit our Summer School offerings.

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