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The GWD Design Awards is an annual event which showcases the best work produced in web, multimedia, photography, illustration and print from the Graphic and Web program’s graduating class. Judged by the Graphic and Web Design teachers along with guest judges from the industry whenever possible, every entry is scored based on creative merit and technical excellence. 

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Print Design

Name: Mathieu Poirier

Category: Print Design

Date Created: November 2022

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop

Title: Chang’e

Description: For our Design Studio course, we had to create a brand identity and product for a beverage. We had to create a visually compelling campaign featuring the product’s label, packaging design, and merchandising display.

Web Design

Name: Madeline Bott, Tim Kujala, Scott Khuu, Victor Hao Yang

Category: Website Design

Date Created: December 2022

Tools Used: VS Code, Illustrator

Title: Patisserie Emilie Web Design

Description: This website design was created as a group project within our Graphic Design Industry course for a fictious client; Patisserie Emilie. We designed and coded a fully responsive website for the client to advertise and sell their goods.


Name: Mathieu Poirier

Category (submitted for): Multimedia (Video, Motion Graphics, Interactive Projects)

Approximate Date Created: October 2022

Tools used to create the work: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

Title: Tweetea

Description: Tweetea is a digital marketing campaign for a fictious product. Different short animations were made for social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube featuring energetic music, snappy animations, and bright colours.


Name: Mathieu Poirier

Category: Illustration

Approximate Date Created: October 2022

Tools used to create the work: Adobe Illustrator

Title: Folded Paper Design

Description: The goal of this project was for us to create a tactile, interactive, and creative experience. This origami-type design showcases my competence in making a complex folded document using illustration. I chose a Japanese-themed brochure that would use a geometric style. The colour theme and illustrations are inspired by Asian culture and mythology.


Name: Tim Kujala

Category: Photography

Date Created: November 2022

Tools Used: Sony A7IV Camera on a 35mm lens. Lightroom classic to color grade the photo, and photoshop to clean up the image with the healing brush tool.

Title: 2022 Dodge Ram

Description: This photoshoot was for a client who wanted photos of his new 2022 Dodge Ram Truck. I wanted scenery that would be suitable for the subject, so I brought the truck to an industrial area.