Aboriginal Education Council

As part of its mission, the Cégep Heritage College Aboriginal Education Council established in 2011 is committed to the life-long learning of Aboriginal peoples. To this end, the Council assumes collaborative responsibility for the continued support of initiatives to meet the needs of The College's Aboriginal community, aims to ensure that respect and honour of Aboriginal identity and culture is reflected in its policies, programs and procedures, strives to secure the essential elements of a teaching and learning environment, and seeks to gain external resources for ongoing and longer term programs and services.

Council mandate 

The Aboriginal Education Council was created to best serve the educational needs of the Aboriginal Students at Cégep Heritage College The Council is comprised of representatives from the student body, Academic Services, Continuing Education, and Student Services at Cégep Heritage College and representatives from the local Aboriginal Community. 

The intention of this partnership between our institution and the Aboriginal Community is to assist Aboriginal students in realizing their full educational potential in a milieu that supports aboriginal culture and traditions. This is accomplished by identifying and articulating priorities and services intended to support the admission, retention and graduation of Aboriginal students.
Aboriginal Education Council membership comprises a minimum of three officially-appointed representatives (one per Aboriginal community), an elected representative of the Aboriginal students currently attending the College, and two non-voting members appointed by the Director General from the College personnel.

At Cégep Heritage College aboriginal includes all indigenous peoples. 

Scholarships and awards

Scholarships and awards programs are available to Aboriginal students. Please contact us for more information. 

Aboriginal Centre

The Aboriginal Centre located in Room 205, provides Aboriginal students with a culturally sensitive and welcoming climate. Students also have use of a small fridge, appliances to make coffee and tea, and a computer. The Aboriginal Centre is a quiet place to study or connect with other students from various communities.

Academic and personal guidance

A Guidance Counsellor is available to provide confidential personal and crisis counselling, as well as career planning. Whether you need to discuss your schedule, your living arrangements, your studies, or a personal matter, the advisor for Aboriginal students is available to talk to you. Please contact us. 

Aboriginal Culture Awareness Week

Cégep Heritage College celebrates our aboriginal students every year by hosting a week committed to raising awareness about aboriginal history, culture and traditions. Aboriginal Culture Awareness Week honours the many Aboriginal cultures in Canada, including the Métis, the Inuit and First Nations. Daily activities feature Aboriginal talent of all kinds including traditional dance and music, food, art, and quizzes. Also during this time, presenters from various aboriginal institutions and organizations were invited into the classroom to discuss subjects concerning aboriginal history, culture and traditions. Opening and Closing ceremonies are held, with a traditional smudging and Algonquin prayer.

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