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Opens a World of endless opportunities

Causes of war, religious rituals, factors in economic growth, Indigenous perspectives, the impact of social media, persuasion, conformity are just part of the depth of knowledge you will gain as you prepare for University studies.


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Committed faculty

Our faculty have a wide variety of expertise in their disciplines and are involved in many different personal and professional projects in their areas of interest.  Caring, compassionate, friendly, and engaged, they are there for our students to help them learn, connect, and have fun.


In this pre-university program, we equip you with the flexibility to go into many different higher-education programs, like Business, Law, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, History, Anthropology, Political Science, and Geography.

Transferable skills

Our Social Science program teaches transferable skills, gives important insights into everyday life, enables critical evaluation from multiple perspectives, and shows application of knowledge to real-life problems.