Academic advisors

Academic advisors can help you with your CÉGEP experience from admission to graduation. In college, it is your responsibility to understand your program and diploma requirements. However, you can always ask for assistance. If you have questions, we'll help you find the answers. You are our reason for being here.

Advisors are located in Student Services off the Agora. You can make an appointment with your advisor through Omnivox. When booking, you'll be directed to the schedule for the advisor for your program. You can also stop by Student Services and see if someone is available. 

Your advisor can help you with:

  • admission requirements
  • credit transfer
  • course selection and schedule changes
  • progression planning and course load
  • summer school, online, and out-of-program courses
  • authorized absences
  • program change
  • academic standing
  • grade review
  • diploma requirements
  • university planning
  • scholarship information
  • academic policies and procedures
  • referral to other services

We look forward to meeting you. 

Diploma requirements overview

In order to obtain a Diploma of College Studies (DCS), also referred to as a Diplome d'études collegiales (DEC), you must pass your program-specific courses and general education courses, a program exit assessment, and an English exit exam.

It is very important you understand how your program fits together--the courses, prerequisites and graduation requirements--so you can make a plan that works for you. You are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor early on in your first semester.

General Education requirements

  • 4 English courses
    • Introduction, Literary Genres, Literary Themes, Communication
  • 2 French
    • one common to all programs, and one program-specific course
  • 3 Humanities/Philosophy
    • two common to all programs, and one program-specific course
  • 3 Physical Education
    • one common course, and two activitity areas
  • 2 complementary
    • courses in areas outside of your program

Program-specific requirements

  • 12-16 specialization courses in Pre-University programs
  • 15-36 specialization courses in Technical/Career programs

Program Exit Assessment (PEA)

The Program Exit Assessment is designed to demonstrate the integration of all your learning in your program. The Program Exit Assessment is program-specific so you will learn more about this in your program.

English Exit Exam (EEE)

The English Exit Exam is a ministerial, four-hour, written examination that takes place in May, August, and December. The Registrar will contact you about the exam when you are eligible.