The Indigenizing Project

Truth and Reconciliation Commission day 1 walk / Photo by Ben Powless


This website is designed to assist CEGEP teachers in the work of indigenizing the curriculum. The resources provided address two areas in which this indigenizing can occur.

The first section of the website focuses on course content. It includes a section on introductory materials that we recommend reading prior to using course-specific material, and a menu of various topics each designed with the departments, programs, and courses of the CEGEP in mind. Our hope is that teachers will select topics that relate to their course and use the links and information provided as a jumping off point for their own lesson plans. We also hope that teachers will add to the website any information that they find that is relevant and helpful. In other words, the website should be a collaborative project that is continually expanding.

The second section of the website focuses on pedagogical approaches and adaptations related to Indigenous students and their learning styles. This section of the website has been prepared in consultation with a number of Indigenous educators and/or colleagues with experience creating course content for Indigenous students. Here you will find suggestions for lecture styles, classroom management, and adaptations for assignments. Of course, this material is not just relevant to Indigenous students, but is meant to be applicable to all learning scenarios that include diverse student populations.

Using This Website:

We have organized the content sections of this website into categories that we hope will be helpful for a wide variety of classes and disciplines. You can access this content by simply opening the drop-down menus on the left hand side of the Indigenizing the Curriculum homepage and scrolling down to find relevant topics.

We have included a few pages that cover introductory information. This functions as an introduction for both staff and students to the history, and current situation, of indigenous populations in Canada. It will also help people think about their own position in relation to this topic. These pages are available through the drop-down menu titled "Introductory Materials."

The resources under the "Pedagogy" title will provide information on diverse teaching methods. These will cover a variety of topics, both philosophical and practical.

The "Content Resources" drop-down menu will provide instructors with a large cross-section of material related to specific programs or topics. Each topic includes a brief paragraph addressing the overarching issues related to it as well as a series of links to various media, including podcasts, videos, articles, etc.