Cegep Heritage College is pleased to provide you with a list of useful tutorials and guidelines to assist you in your online learning objectives. However, please note that our college is likely to have specific security requirements, login protocols and storage limitations than those highlighted in these documents. We encourage you to contact our technical support specialists at Technical Support (Computer Services) <Techsupport@cegep-heritage.qc.ca> if you have any concerns or require further information.

Professor's Reference Guide for Using Zoom

Developed by Computer Services, this is specific to our Zoom.

Ten Facts You Need to Know About Zoom

This is a ‘packed’ article containing links to everything you might want to know about Zoom from Poll Creation and Use to Tips on its effective use. You will find it to be an excellent resource finder for Zoom.

How to Keep Zoom Classes Secure and Private

This article provides explicit advice and required steps to prevent unwelcome participants, and how to keep your classes safe.

How to Teach Online Effectively Using Zoom

This free hour long webinar addresses how to secure your class, in addition to the following items. Note the webinar will be given live again, April 29th, due to high demand.

  • How to use Zoom effectively to engage with and involve students in their learning;
  • How to use Zoom, not just to deliver lectures or make one-way presentations to students, but to facilitate small group work, class challenges, and student presentations;
  • How to move from talking head to active learning with Zoom;
  • How to make learning valuable and successful when teaching via Zoom, and;
  • What are the “top tips” users have from using Zoom for teaching.

How to Use Zoom Videoconferencing to Teach Online Effectively

If you want to use Zoom, this article will be helpful:

  • How to get started and key features of Zoom
  • How to make learning online interactive, engaging and effective with Zoom
  • Tips and tricks for teaching with Zoom

Zoom Accessibility Features

Closed captioning, keyboard accessibility, automatic transcripts, and screen reader support are available. Keep in mind that being an American platform, Zoom adheres to US accessibility standards.

Cegep Heritage College Staff Reference Guide for using Zoom

Prepared by our IT Department for your use.

Recording and Sharing Zoom Videos

This is a helpful guide prepared by Ron Patterson of our Computer Science Program.

How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning 

This tutorial offers a quick but detailed overview on how to run online classes using Zoom:  

  • How to log-in and create an account 
  • How to host a meeting with students 
  • A walk-through of a meeting 
  • An in-depth look at how to use the features and tools available during a meeting 
  • How to end a meeting and save the recording 

Zoom Tutorial for Teachers 

This Zoom tutorial offers a quick overview on how to easily use Zoom: 

  • How to log-in 
  • How to schedule a meeting with students 
  • A walk-through of a meeting 
  • How to use features and tools available during a meeting 
  • How to save a meeting once finished 

Zoom Tutorial for Students

This 13 minute video will help students with the basics of downloading the Zoom app, Zoom interactive tools, including Share Screen, non-verbal feedback, asking questions, etc.