Welcome to Cégep Heritage College! We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to the public to experience the exceptional facilities available for rental on our Gatineau campus. Nestled adjacent to the Gatineau Park in the Hull sector of Gatineau, QC, our Cegep boasts state-of-the-art amenities and versatile spaces suitable for a variety of events and gatherings. 
Whether you're planning a corporate conference, a community workshop, a sports event, or any other special occasion, our diverse range of facilities offers the perfect backdrop for your event. We take pride in providing excellent service and support to ensure your event is a resounding success. 
Explore our website to learn more about our rental options and how we can help bring your vision to life at Cégep Heritage College.

Conference and meeting facilities

For your next conference or meeting, we have several options available depending on your groups’ size and needs. Internet-accessible auditorium, conference rooms and classrooms are available for presentations, meetings, workshops, and video conferences.


The Cegep’s  auditorium is a versatile space tailored to accommodate events for up to 150 people. Featuring spacious seating arrangements, the auditorium boasts state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment, ensuring optimal audiovisual experiences for attendees. When required, a large screen dominates the stage, providing a focal point for presentations, slideshows, and multimedia displays. With its versatile setup, ergonomic seating, and professional-grade technology, the auditorium is an ideal venue for hosting impactful conferences, seminars, and lectures, fostering engagement and knowledge exchange.

  • Capacity: 153 seats    
  • Price: $600/4 hours (minimum),
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Please note:  additional fees for security and cleaning may apply.


The Boardroom features four large screens seamlessly integrated into the sleek décor. Wired to a central multimedia system, these screens offer ample space for PowerPoint presentations and data visualization, ensuring clear visibility from any seat. Enhanced by high-definition resolution and calibrated lighting, they facilitate efficient communication and collaboration among attendees seated around ergonomic conference tables. With wireless microphones and state-of-the-art sound systems, the Boardroom fosters open dialogue and idea exchange.

  • Capacity: 28 seats
  • Price: $50/hour
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings,  and weekends. 

Conference Room

The multi-purpose Conference Room is designed for adaptability and functionality, featuring moveable chairs and tables that can be rearranged to suit various event configurations and seating arrangements. Two large screens adorn opposite walls, providing ample space for presentations, video conferencing, and collaborative work. The room's flexible layout and modular furniture allow for seamless transitions between different modes of interaction, from traditional lectures to interactive workshops. With its versatile design and integrated technology, the conference room serves as a dynamic hub for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and professional development activities, catering to the diverse needs of its users with efficiency and style.

  • Capacity: 25 seats, depending on setup requirements.
  • Price: $50/hour
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Small Conference Room

The small meeting room comfortably accommodates up to 8 individuals, fostering an intimate yet productive atmosphere. Equipped with ergonomic chairs, a large screen and seamlessly integrated with AV capabilities, the room is ready to showcase presentations or video conferences with clarity. With its blend of functionality and comfort, this meeting room promises to be a haven for innovation and collaboration.

  • Capacity: 8 seats, depending on setup requirements.
  • Price: $35/hour


The Cegep classrooms are equipped with advanced screens and cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrated into its modern design. With movable furniture and adaptable layout options, they serve as a versatile space suitable for various purposes. During lectures, the screens facilitate multimedia presentations and interactive learning experiences, enhancing student engagement and comprehension. For breakout sessions, the room can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate smaller groups, fostering collaboration and discussion. As a meeting room, it provides a professional setting for faculty meetings, presentations, and discussions, with the technology enabling seamless communication and information sharing. 

  • Capacity: up to 40 seats 
  • Price: $35/hour
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings and weekends. 


The Cegep’s cafeteria, with its spacious layout and versatile amenities, serves as an ideal rental space for those seeking a dynamic venue for various events. During non-operational hours, the cafeteria transforms into a multipurpose facility, accommodating corporate gatherings such as conferences, product launches, and networking events. Its ample seating and open floor plan offer flexibility for event setups, whether it be theater-style seating for presentations or cocktail tables for networking receptions. Equipped for audiovisual and Wi-Fi connectivity, the space facilitates seamless presentations, live demonstrations, and interactive workshops. Its central location within the Cegep campus ensures accessibility for attendees, while its vibrant atmosphere adds a unique touch to all types of events. 

  • Capacity: 150 seats 
  • Price: $250/hour
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Sports Facilities

Yoga Studio

Bathed in natural light, the Studio boasts two expansive walls of 16-foot windows that frame views of the surrounding landscape, allowing participants to connect with the beauty of the outdoors while engaging in their practice. The spacious interior is adorned with calming decor and earthy tones, creating a tranquil atmosphere conducive to relaxation and mindfulness. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of events, from yoga classes and workshops to meditation sessions and wellness retreats.
In addition to serving as a tranquil yoga sanctuary, the large studio can also function as a versatile multi-purpose space, capable of hosting a range of events beyond yoga sessions. With its spacious layout and serene ambiance, the studio provides an ideal setting for cocktail receptions, social gatherings, and community events. Equipped with audiovisual capabilities and customizable lighting options, the space can be transformed to suit the needs and preferences of any event, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for attendees.

  • Capacity: 50, depending on setup requirements.
  • Price: $55/hour
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings, and weekends. 


The large Gymnasium is a vibrant hub of athletic activity, available for rental to accommodate various sports and events. Whether for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, or more, the gym offers ample opportunities for athletic competitions, practices, and recreational play. Ample locker rooms and shower facilities ensure convenience and comfort for participants. Whether it's a corporate wellness program, a fitness retreat, or a community sports league, the large gymnasium offers a dynamic and inclusive space for promoting health, wellness, and active living.

  • Capacity:  Varies, depending on setup requirements.
  • Price: $90/hour
  • Availability: weekdays, evenings, and weekends. 

Soccer field

The soccer field, resurfaced in 2023, is a pristine expanse of lush greenery, meticulously maintained to provide an optimal playing surface for athletes of all levels. The dimensions are regulation size, complete with well-marked boundaries and multi-use goalposts at each end, ensuring an authentic and immersive soccer, rugby, or football experience. Floodlights tower over the field, illuminating the pitch for evening games and extending playing hours into the night. Spectator seating lines one side of the field, offering comfortable vantage points for fans to cheer on their favorite teams.

  • Number of fields: 1
  • Capacity: varies by activity (150 – 300 people)
  • Price: $50/hour

Should access to the building be required,  arrangements can be made to accommodate this. Additional fees may apply. 

Exterior Basketball Court

The new outdoor regulation size basketball court is a sleek and inviting space designed to elevate the game experience for players of all skill levels. Situated against a backdrop of scenic surroundings, the court boasts a smooth, resilient playing surface. Benches and seating areas offer comfortable spots for players to rest between games or for spectators to cheer on their favorite teams. With its modern design, high-quality materials, and scenic backdrop, the new outdoor basketball court is poised to become a vibrant hub for community recreation and friendly competition.

  • Capacity: varies by activity 
  • Price: $50/hour.

Exterior Hockey Rink

The exterior hockey rink is a dynamic outdoor venue that transitions seamlessly between winter ice hockey and summer sports like ball hockey and pickleball. Bordered by sturdy boards, the rink features a smooth surface that accommodates hockey games during the colder months. Additional basketball hoops are also there, offering more practice space, if needed. In the summer, the versatile concrete surface, is perfect for street hockey, pickleball, and other activities. Portable nets and goalposts allow for easy setup. With its adaptable design, the rink serves as a year-round hub for sports and recreation, fostering community engagement and active lifestyles. 

  • Capacity: varies by activity
  • Price: $50/hour


For added convenience, we offer the option of having our trusted college caterer, Sachi Cafe Catering, provide food service for your group. They offer a diverse, customizable menu featuring delicious options to suit your tastes and dietary preferences. 
 To make catering arrangements please contact:
Sachi’s Café Bistro
819.778.2270, ext. 1041
613.724.0796 (cell)

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In addition to our array of versatile rental spaces, we're delighted to offer convenient amenities to enhance your experience. 
Complimentary parking facilities on evenings and weekends ensure hassle-free access for you and your guests, making your visit stress-free from start to finish. 
Our accessible buildings and well-maintained facilities prioritize inclusivity, ensuring everyone can fully participate in events and activities. 
Outdoor spaces with seating available.
Centrally located in the Hull area of Gatineau, QC, our campus is conveniently situated for guests arriving from near and far. Whether you're hosting a conference, workshop, or special event, we strive to provide exceptional service and amenities to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 
We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community and helping you create memorable and successful gatherings.

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