Cegep Heritage College is pleased to provide you with a list of useful tutorials and guidelines to assist you in your online learning objectives. However, please note that our college is likely to have specific security requirements, login protocols and storage limitations than those highlighted in these documents. We encourage you to contact our technical support specialists at Technical Support (Computer Services) <Techsupport@cegep-heritage.qc.ca> if you have any concerns or require further information.

We have several very knowledgeable Moodle users among our faculty – Mark RenaudJillian ClarkeChris Mulready – and they have offered to help. Please feel free to contact any of them. Just a reminder that we are currently running Moodle v3.6.

Moodle Community of Practice

A series of sessions throughout F2020 will focus on optimizing your use of Moodle. Videos will be available to help you set up your Moodle course, followed by trouble-shooting sessions, via Zoom, to help you with problems you encounter. We will set up a Community of Practice to house the videos and to post questions about the pedagogical use of Moodle. The sessions will address how to set Moodle pages up; how best to post content; how to optimize Moodle for assessment, and other topics as requested. Led by Lorelie Bouchard, UdeS.

Moodle – Tool Guide for Teachers

Use this guide to pick the right Moodle tool for what you want the students to do. Set up as a matrix, with pedagogical intentions listed across the top, and the various Moodle tools down the side, it will help you choose the best feature of Moodle for your purposes.

The Differences Between Moodle & LEA

This an archived webinar given by Rafael Scapin, Dawson College, in early February 2020.