Cegep Heritage College is pleased to provide you with a list of useful tutorials and guidelines to assist you in your online learning objectives. However, please note that our college is likely to have specific security requirements, login protocols and storage limitations than those highlighted in these documents. We encourage you to contact our technical support specialists at Technical Support (Computer Services) <Techsupport@cegep-heritage.qc.ca> if you have any concerns or require further information.

Professor's Guide for Microsoft Teams

This is a very helpful guide prepared by Computer Services.

How to use Microsoft Teams for Remote and Online learning 

This tutorial shows you the basics on how to use Microsoft Teams to teach online:

  • How to create teams/classrooms 
  • An overview on the features 
  • A demo of a team 
  • A walk-through of a video meetup 

Microsoft Teams online meetings with student groups or anyone via their email 

This webinar is a comprehensive instruction on how to use Microsoft Teams for teaching and communicating the students: 

  • How to log-in 
  • How to create teams and meetings 
  • Resources available for educating 
  • Overview of features
  • A walk-through of a video meetup 
  • How to manage recordings 

How to use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

This 5:38minute video shows you how to use Channels in MS Teams as breakout rooms.

Creating an Inclusive Online Learning Environment with Office 365 Teams and the OneNote Class Notebook 

This Profweb article shares a best practice of a Cegep Garneau teacher who uses Office 365 Teams and OneNote.

Profweb Digital Tools > Microsoft Teams

A Profweb article about the use of Teams.