The Hotel and Restaurant Management program at CÉGEP Heritage College is a three-year career program that prepares students to actively participate and work in the integrated development of the hotel and tourism industry.

Students are exposed to management functions through work experiences in a hotel setting such as: reception, sales and marketing, housekeeping, catering and banquet, directly in the field through our hotel partnerships.

For more information about this program, consult the program profile for Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Student skills and competencies

First-year student skill set

  • Demonstrate effective and professional communication while being a part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Provide a list of different resources available to a client within the community, based on presenting need or risk.
  • Create and implement rudimentary development activities and clinical tools.
  • Identify and draw up a list of the client's support network and informal caregivers.
  • Reflect and submit recommendations regarding a client's file.
  • Understand the concept of role within the mandate and expectations of the position.
  • Possess their first-aid certificate and be able to apply first-aid techniques.

Second-year student skill set

  • Provide information about intervention approaches, objectives and techniques.
  • Assess a client's behavioural or physical condition.
  • Apply techniques for physically positioning and moving a client appropriate to the client's condition.
  • Create and implement advanced development activities and clinical tools, with the support of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Able to work with clients who demonstrate at risk behavior or who are particularly vulnerable due to a physical, neurological, behavioural or social difficulty.
  • Provide support and intervention within a team during a crisis.

For more information about this program, consult the program profile

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