AccessAbility: helping students with special needs

AccessAbility is a service offered through Student Services. We provide accommodations to students who:

  • had an Individual Education Plan in high school
  • have been evaluated and diagnosed by a specialist for learning disability, ADHD, neurological or organic impairment, mental health, or other conditions that may affect academic success

Learning accommodations can include but are not limited to:

  • access to a quiet room
  • extra time for exams
  • access to a computer with specific software to aid in your studies

Using AccessAbility services

If you require AccessAbility services, you should meet with the Adapted Services Counselor before school starts. You may also book an appointment through Omnivox, once you get your acceptance letter and your student number.

Please note: Some documents may be required at your first appointment. Please contact the Adapted Services Counselor prior to your meeting to ensure you have the correct documentation.