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Set yourself up for success in one of the largest and fastest growing global industries - hospitality! This three-year diploma prepares students for satisfying careers through its hands-on learning, combined with practical leadership strategies and real-world job experience. Whether you are seeking professional growth within an organization or want to go into business for yourself, this management diploma provides learners with the transferable skills to help accomplish these goals.

Why choose CÉGEP Heritage College's Hotel and Restaurant Management program? You will:

  • get a quality education led by industry experts that balances hands-on learning with theory
  • gain valuable work experience and build a professional network through two internships
  • participate in unique learning labs, including our professional kitchen, dining room, front desk, and hotel room learning spaces

Program takeaways

Be industry ready

Graduates of the program will be prepared to jumpstart their journey as industry leaders and influencers. With two internships, students are immersed into real-life work environments, gaining insight into their future careers. In this program, students are empowered with career skills that will set them apart in a competitive and ever-changing industry.

Become a 21st century leader

Students are taught from an accomplished team of industry leaders, who bring their expertise of leadership strategies to the classroom. Students gain skills to successfully lead and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment and evaluate managerial decisions towards building a sustainable industry.

Grow your social network

The hospitality industry is all about creating human connections. We teach students how to build meaningful business relationships that translate into job offers during and after the program. Throughout the three-year program we offer students opportunities to meet, greet, and create life long professional connections. Students acquire both human and digital social saavy skills through event networking, career fairs, guest speakers, field trips, volunteer opportunities and building a positive online presence.

Career and study opportunities

The diverse leadership techniques gained from our Hotel and Restaurant Management program create a variety of career opportunities for our graduates, within hospitality and beyond. Within the industry, our graduates pursue satisfying careers in various positions in the following areas:

  • Hotel, Resort & Accommodation Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Convention & Events Management
  • Recreation & Attractions Management

Graduates who choose to continue their post-secondary educational endeavours may qualify for course credits with various universities and educational institutions.

By the end of my time in the Hotel and Restaurant Management program, I learned that I was made to tell stories, to help create memories and to bring smiles to people's faces. My teachers were not only my educators but my mentors and they opened some incredible doors for me while I was an HRM student and all I had to do was walk through them. There isn't a day that goes by where I am not grateful for the support and encouragement I had in this program. Without it, I wouldn't have the courage to pick up my life and travel the world with the fantastic industry that is Hospitality.

Brooklyn Dagenais

2017 Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduate 

Heritage's Hotel and Restaurant Management program is an amazing way to get started into the hospitality industry. With the help of the program's teachers, I was able to develop an incredible network of friends and career professionals that will follow me my whole life. With this program, I was offered opportunities to travel and work through internships, developing new passions I never thought I had!

Vincent Marcoux

2020 Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduate 

The Hotel & Restaurant Management program taught me to become a more thought out professional, and individual. I grew through the extensive knowledge and anecdotes of my professors, and colleagues. This program helped me discover a world of opportunities, how to set goals, how to work towards achieving them, and how to lead myself and others into the future of hospitality.

Mégan Filiatrault

2019 Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduate