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Board of Directors (2022-2024)

Letitia Taylor


Ivan Hale


Trevor Poirier


Brian Rock


Marc Fricker 

Lead Director Funds & Bursaries Committee

Kristin Marinacci

Lead Director Governance & Ethics Committee

Fatemeh Anvari

Lead Director Heritage Community Committee

Aldo Juaregui

Lead Director Alumni & Public Relations

Anita Tenasco

Board Member 

Terry Kharyati

Director General, Cégep
Heritage College

Linton Garner

Executive Director

Annual Reports

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2012-2013 & 2013-2014

Foundation history 

Heritage College was established as a result of community members who volunteered countless hours, year-after-year, to lobby for creation of a community-driven English public post-secondary learning institution for the Outaouais region.  The efforts of these committed parents and engaged pillars of our community succeeded and Cégep Heritage College was established in 1988.  Since then, the College has seen its admissions rise to over thirteen hundred students. 

In 2013, again community members rallied to establish the Heritage College Foundation as a registered charity to support the College in its mission.  

“When friends of the College learnt that 1/3 of our students take on debt to pay for basic needs, we knew we had to act.”  


 -Caryl Green, First Chair of the Cégep Heritage College Foundation 

 The Cégep Heritage College Foundation’s dedication and objectives remain the same as those who rallied before us:  All youth should have the opportunity to reach for their goals and contribute to our society regardless of difference or challenges. 

Volunteer opportunities

Board of Directors Positions 

Members of the Board of Directors act as fiduciaries of the Foundation, utilizing their expertise in support of various business functions. The Board is engaged in the creation of its internal institutional structures, strategic planning, elaboration and oversight of administrative and financial controls.  They contribute their ideas and creativity to the elaboration of the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives and participate in pursuing the planned fundraising objectives.  In addition, Directors bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the table in order to identify with students and find meaningful ways to meet their needs.   

Overall, the Cégep Heritage College Foundation Board of Directors operates as a steward of the tangible and intangible gifts entrusted to it.   

Interested in becoming involved?  Contact the Foundation office.