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Cégep Heritage College Foundation aims to provide awards and bursaries, as well as emergency assistance, to students who exemplify resilience and perseverance as they confront obstacles and overcome barriers along the path to reaching their academic and career goals.   Every year approximately one hundred students benefit from the generosity of our donors.  Heritage students should watch for announcements about the application process and deadlines for bursaries and awards. 

  • Applicants to yearly Foundation Perseverance & Resilience Bursaries, who meet the eligibility and criteria, will be considered by the Foundation's Funds & Bursaries Selection Committee in collaboration with department program coordinators. 
  • Students may also apply for Memorial Fund Awards which commemorate the lives of Heritage faculty and students. 
  • Request for emergency or crisis financial assistance is also possible. Funded by the Foundation,  requests are processed by the College’s Financial Aid Office.  Please reserve an appointment via Omnivox.