Heritage Handprints

The Heritage Handprints environmental group is composed of staff and students seeking to educate and act for a sustainable future at Heritage College. Students take on the environmental goals that they choose as a club, and staff and faculty continue to work on improving our footprint as a school community. The Heritage Handprints student club hosts regular student awareness initiatives such as clothing swap, smoothie day, harvest festival, Earth day fair, and waste audits. Heritage has a vibrant vegetable garden that is collectively maintained and enjoyed by staff and students.

Club Details

Club Leaders: Jayden Thiessen

Meeting time & location: Wednesdays at 12:00 in room C106


Contact Jayden Thiessen via Mio

October 2022

Green Zine Magazine

A day in the garden

On May 6, 2021 Heritage Handprints and volunteer faculty were able to safely come together and build 6 raised garden boxes, weed and fill boxes with soil and enjoy each other’s company(from a distance)!  Great community event.

Garden Project in May 2018

A group of volunteer students and staff, and a few classes began the garden project in May 2018.  Typically seeds are planted indoors in March and continue planting in the garden directly in the spring.   The food is harvested in the fall and is distributed amongst volunteers, classes and the Heritage community.   Staff and students  volunteer their time throughout the summer to water, weed, plant and harvest.