Webinar – The Teamwork Challenge PART 1: Forming effective student groups

Join us Friday, February 26th @ 2:30 PM EST

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Teachers want to use group work but no matter how much we believe it is a great way to learn, even the best of us struggle to get it just right. Is it a matter of luck or is there some science telling us how to increase the likelihood of getting groups to work together? Want answers and advice from experts in the field? SALTISE brings together a panel whose combined and ongoing work on the topic offers important insights on how to make and manage effective student groups.

Join us on Friday, February 26th, for the first of a two-part series where we discuss evidence-based strategies and tools related to building effective teams including the following:
    •    self- vs. teacher-selection of group composition
    •    homogeneous vs. heterogeneous group formation
    •    how these choices interact with student learning and classroom orchestration
    •    how minority isolation and special needs in groups can impact learning outcomes

Friday's webinar will focus on the use of tools such as CATME, now widely used at Harvard University, and how it helps to make and manage groups thereby increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Webinar Date: Friday, February 26th, 2021
Time: 2:30 to 4:00pm EST (14h30 to 16h)
Location: Zoom webinar link provided upon registration

Come hear what our panel of experts have to say. Learn from their experiences and take the opportunity to ask questions and engage with them.

Presenters and Discussants include: 

Kelly Miller, senior preceptor, Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is co-founder of the social annotation software Perusall and conducts educational research including group formation, closing gender gaps in science, and improving implementations of flipped classroom.

Michael Dugdale, college professor at John Abbot College

Phoebe Jackson, college professor at John Abbott College and SALTISE Fellow for 2020-21


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This is the third in the SALTISE virtual events series. SALTISE is funded by the Entente Canada Quebec (ECQ). Have questions? Contact info@saltise.ca or visit our website.