Interested in learning Spanish? 

We can help you learn Spanish. This 30-hour conversation course will get you started with basic grammar lessons and ample time to practice your Spanish conversation skills. Our language courses are designed for adults. 

We offer you: 

  • classes taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers 
  • classroom activities integrate listening, reading, speaking and writing 
  • theme-based courses for everyday life, activities and situations 
  • small, friendly classes foster individual attention and best opportunities to practice conversation 
  • teachers review work and give feedback on progress 
  • a certificate of participation for students attending > 75 % of classes 


  • to promote overall fluency 
  • to develop conversational speaking, reading, comprehension as well as 
  • writing skills 
  • to maintain essential grammar structures and to introduce/develop more complex grammar structures 
  • to increase vocabulary and to enhance formal and practical language skills 
  • to expose to, and practice native speaker pronunciation patterns and to correct pronunciation errors that impede understanding 

Registration deadline 

October 31, 2023 


30-hour Spanish Second Language (SSL) course: $295.00

Course Schedule

# of hours
Days of week
  • 999-010-51
    SSL Conversation (Beginner I ) - Main Campus - Fall 2023

    This 30-hour conversation course introduces students to basic grammar and vocabulary for everyday interaction. Students will be guided through a theme-based curriculum that presents them with common, useful language points, which they will practice through fun, interactive activities that focus on listening and speaking skills.

    starting November 14, ending December 21
    Tue Thu
    6:30pm - 9pm
    starting November 14, ending December 21
    Tue Thu
    6:30pm - 9pm

Payment Methods

Your registration will be official when payment has been received. As soon as you receive confirmation of reception of the registration form, please activate your Omnivox account by following the instructions in your confirmation.  Pay online using your Omnivox account, by credit card or Visa debit card. CÉGEP Heritage College cannot accept cash payments nor personal cheques.  ALL payments MUST be made using a debit card (including Visa debit), credit card, money order or certified cheque. Payments can also be made by mail or in person at Student Services.

  • Please note: Professional and Personal Development Courses/Workshops are subject to all applicable taxes, (except for language courses which are not subject to taxes).

Refund / Withdraw Policy

Participants wishing to withdraw must contact Student Services.

  1. Participants wishing to withdraw before the second scheduled class: partial refund ($30.00 administration fee will apply).
  2. Participants wishing to withdraw after the second scheduled class: no refund.
  3. Any course/workshop cancelled by the College: full refund to participants. 

**Schedule and prices in effect may change without notice but we make all efforts to post on our website in a timely manner.



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