Bees... are an endangered species!

Would you love to produce your own honey, save the bees, and help the environment? Bob Valcov, our beekeeper-teacher, is passionate about his work. He will give you the bug! Though the course is instructed in English, Bob fluently speaks French.

This workshop covers:

  • a brief history of beekeeping
  • simple biology of the honeybee
  • pollination
  • basic requirements and needs for getting started
  • seasonal hive management
    • feeding
    • queens
    • swarms,
    • over-wintering
  • diseases and pests
  • harvesting and processing of honey and beeswax.

Hopefully, a visit to an apiary is possible during the course, but not guaranteed. 

Course Schedule

Location: Gatineau Campus ONSITE

Deadline to register: February 18th

# of hours
Days of week
  • 1081
    Backyard Beekeeping

    Location: Gatineau Campus ONSITE

    Deadline to register: February 18th

    $160.00 + taxes
    March 1,3,8,10,15, 17
    Tue Thu
    $160.00 + taxes
    March 1,3,8,10,15, 17
    Tue Thu

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Refund / Withdraw Policy 

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**Schedule and prices in effect may change without notice but we make all efforts to post on our website in a timely manner.


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