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Student takeaways

Expand your mind

In your Humanities/Philosophy courses, you'll explore big ideas from some of the world's most brilliant minds -- philosophers, poets, artists, religious visionaries, and scientists, both past and present. You'll learn to think like they did: first by avoiding simple errors, then by following the flow of logic from simple observations to world-changing discoveries. Perhaps you, too, can change the world.

Think for yourself

Fake news, propaganda, disinformation, scams, and conspiracy theories are everywhere. Through your courses, you'll learn how to spot them in politics, in advertising, in the news, in your social media, and inside your own mind. You'll learn how to follow evidence, logical coherence, and compassion, to find what's real and what's true.

Be more human

Human beings are not only born: we are also made. It’s our thoughts, our feelings, our languages and cultures, and especially our ability to reason, that makes us who we are. But much like excelling at sports or music, being human takes practice. In your philosophy and humanities courses, you’ll find out about the many ways people have used reason to discover, and to change, what it means to be an individual and a member of society. You’ll find out why, as Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”