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Student takeaways

Critical thinking

We teach you to ask questions. You will learn how to challenge the status quo through analysis. You will learn how to understand and express complex ideas. English literature courses teach you how to think in a way that productively engages with the world around you.

Persuasive communication

Through written work, class discussions, presentations, and creative projects, our courses in English literature will teach you how to clearly and convincingly argue a point. Your written and verbal communication will improve, which will benefit you not just at the college, but within your life outside the college, as well.

Transferable skills

The skills that you learn through literature classes are transferable to any workplace or career path. We teach you how to be open-minded, how to work independently, and how to create and communicate an argument. Clear and critical thinking is a skill that will always be valued and required.

Having a solid understanding of the English language is essential in my job as a nurse. Being able to effectively communicate through speaking, reading, and writing allows me to provide quality, well-rounded care to my patients, as well as effectively communicate with medical professionals in a rapidly changing, dynamic environment. The education that I received from the Heritage College English Department helped solidify and hone my language skills, which plays a vital role in my nursing profession.

Dorothy Down-Cameron

2019 Graduate