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French is the official language of Québec and one of the two official languages of Canada. It is an important part of life at CÉGEP Heritage College. Bilingualism is highly valued in our community. Speaking French brings many advantages, such as great job opportunity, but also being able to be more active members in our bilingual nation.

Student takeaways

French courses for all students

It doesn’t matter if your level of French is basic, intermediate or even if it is your first language. We offer 4 different levels of French courses; there is one just for you! In the province of Québec, all CÉGEP students must enrol in 2 French courses to obtain their diploma (DEC).

Program oriented French courses

At CÉGEP Heritage College, some of our technical programs offer French courses that are specific to the field of study. It is an asset for graduates to be able to work in a bilingual environment. We provide our students with the tools they need, including field-specific vocabulary, in both official languages of Canada!

Not just French, but also Spanish! 

Spanish courses are growing in popularity and for good reason! At CÉGEP Heritage College, we see the value of being able to communicate with more people. Spanish courses are offered to students as complementary courses and for Liberal Arts students as part of their program.

Spanish courses are fun, practical, and oriented towards communication. It is a good opportunity to open yourself to new cultures and to prepare for future travel or business.

Learning spaces and resources

Our Language Lab is equipped with computers, French keyboards, earphones, dictionaries, games and other resources to help you progress in your second language.

Practical classes take place at the Language Lab. It is also open more than 8 hours a week for you to use or to get assistance from our French teachers.