Board of Governors

The Cégep Heritage College Board of Governors is the highest decision-making body in the institution. Included among the 20 members are representatives from all sectors of the College community, including two representatives from the current student body (determined annually by the Student Association Executive) and two graduate representatives (each appointed by the Board for a three-year term) -in both cases, they represent each of the two program sectors, i.e. career and pre-university.

Board Executive Committee

Composition and Current Membership

The Executive Committee is composed of the Director General (Michael Randall), the Academic Dean (Roya Abouzia), the Board Chair (Murielle Laberge), the Board Vice-chair (Jim Shea), and two other members elected by and from the members of the Board, they are Sean Scott and Karl Lavoie. The Director General acts as Chair of the Executive Committee.

General enquiries about the Board or Executive Committee may be directed to
François Vézina, Secretary to the Board.

Board of Governors

Composition and current membership, as of September, 2017

No. of Reps

Designation/Groups Being Represented

(As of September 2017)


following consultation with socio-economic groups of the territory principally served by the College; {appointed by the Minister}

  1. Louise Varagnolo
  2. Karl Lavoie


from among persons proposed by university-level teaching institutions; {appointed by the Minister}

Murielle Laberge


from among persons proposed by the school boards of that territory; {appointed by the Minister}

James Shea


from among the persons proposed by the regional council of the Emploi Québec for the region in which the college is situated; {appointed by the Minister}

Ann Lamirande


chosen from within enterprises in the region operating in the economic sectors corresponding to the programs of technical studies implemented by the college; {appointed by the Minister}

  1. Amélie Carpentier-Cayen
  2. Kathleen Barrette


holding a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) who are not members of the college staff and who completed their studies at the college, one in a program of pre-university studies and one in a program of technical studies; {appointed by the members of the Board in office

  1. Kira Baskerville
  2. Lise Cartier


parents of students attending the college who are not members of the college staff; (elected by a majority vote of their peers)

  1. Vacant
  2. Louise Charette


students attending the college, one registered in a program of pre-university studies and one in a program of technical/career studies; (appointed in accordance with section 32 of the Act respecting the accreditation and financing of students' associations)

  1. Nicholas Arancibia
  2. Andrea M. Bravo Ojeda


teachers of the college; (elected by their peers)

  1. Trevor Corless
  2. Sean Scott


member of the non-teaching professional staff of the college; (elected by their peers)

Celina Fleury-Gow


member of the support staff of the college;
(elected by their peers)

Jeremy Howard


member of the management staff of the college; (selected by their peers, non-voting Board member)

Michèle Charlebois


the Director General and the Academic Dean of the college

  1. Michael Randall
    (Director General)
  2. Roya Abouzia
    (Academic Dean)

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