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The Government of Quebec is offering Perspective Quebec Scholarships beginning in Fall 2022, $1500 per session ($9,000). For more information visit the Financial Aid section of our website

Believing in the value of children

Early Childhood Education is the professional practice of providing high-quality educational and nurturing environments for young children. Educators believe in the inherent value of every child and work collaboratively to plan and deliver well-designed learning experiences.


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Qualified educators

Our teachers bring extensive experience to the classroom, with professional backgrounds that include special needs, program design, educational management, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, and Indigenous worldviews.

Humanitarian initiatives

As active members of early childhood advocacy organizations, faculty members are also involved in innovative government-funded research projects. With a passion for social engagement, they encourage ECCE students to participate in local and international teacher collaboration projects and humanitarian initiatives.

Direct child-interaction

We offer the diverse fieldwork experiences to our students. As a student at CÉGEP Heritage College, you will have the opportunity to work with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children during your fieldwork sessions.