If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to the campus. Please stay home and follow public health guidelines.

Heritage Community, you have displayed a fantastic sense of partnership since March 2020. Thank you all for your efforts!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When do classes resume onsite?

    Classes resume onsite on Monday, January 31, 2022 as per the guidelines from the Ministry.

  • Will there be classes online?

    Classes are scheduled to resume onsite as of January 31. However, we have to remember the pandemic continues and things continue to be fluid. Should it be necessary, individual classes may be offered temporarily online.

  • Will there be extracurricular activities?

    Currently only certain sports activities will resume. The fitness Centre remains closed at this time. As of January 31, teams can resume practices, maximum 25 people. No games or tournaments permitted.

  • What if a student tests positive for COVID or is experiencing COVID symptoms?

    • A student who has any Covid 19 symptoms or who receives a positive Covid-19 test result for themselves or for an immediate family member from the same household must self-isolate immediately and must inform Student Services via email at sservices@cegep-heritage.qc.ca
    • Students who are currently involved in ECCE or SCC fieldwork placement, Nursing clinical stage or Co-op stage , must also notify their respective Department Coordinator of their absence via MIO.
    • Student Services will inform the student on how to proceed (i.e.: period of self-isolation, etc.) and will inform the teachers concerned about accommodation request. Student Services will also do the proper Health & Safety follow-up. This will be done by Telephone or MIO.
    • Students can direct their request for accommodation directly to their respective teachers via MIO.
  • What if I miss an evaluation due to COVID?

    Please contact your teachers to make proper arrangements for re-evaluation.

  • Can I eat in the cafeteria?

    Yes. A maximum of 6 students per table. Tables have been arranged 1 metre apart.

  • Is there any social distancing that students have to respect while at the College?

    Yes. While no physical distancing will be required in classrooms amongst students, in common areas a 1-metre distance should be maintained in all common. In certain cases, such as in the cafeteria, tables must be 1 metre apart and up to 6 people can sit at a table.  In athletics training facilities, or in singing courses, a 2-metre distance has to be maintained.
 As per Quebec government directives, students are required to wear a procedural mask at all times except when eating or drinking. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Québec | Gouvernement du Québec (quebec.ca)

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    Yes. Everyone must wear a mask at all times on the premises.  As per Quebec government directives, the use of masks when entering or circulating in indoor spaces that are shared with others will be mandatory until government public health officials remove this requirement. Students and staff must wear procedural masks and not just facial coverings while sitting in class or at the library, but not during activities that require them to remove the mask (e.g. eating/drinking). The College is providing procedural masks to everyone on campus. Masks should be changed twice a day when a person is on campus all day.

  • Does Heritage have a good ventilation system and how is it being maintained?

    Built in 1993, the College is relatively new. In addition, we integrated a state of the art ventilation system that draws air from outside, circulates it in a particular section and then circulates it out. The same air does not travel throughout the entire building.  In terms of staff, we are proud to have a ventilation expert on our team which is extremely rare for an educational institution. We have done everything possible to maximize the safety of everyone that enters the building.

  • Is the ventilation system at the college equipped with HEPA filters?

    We are using what is recommended by our experts for the type of ventilation system that we have, which is Merv 12 pleated filter in every classroom and offices which is changed several times per year. We also operate with 100% of fresh air intake, 24/7 to help minimize the risk. Our systems are also equipped with CO2 detectors to help monitor the C02 level in the building

  • Is anyone currently tasked with monitoring/enforcing social distance rules?

    Yes, our security guards have been asked to regularly walk around the college to remind anyone who does not follow our health and safety protocols.

  • Is there a screening procedure upon entering the building?

    No, but a vaccination passport is required for some activities. Everyone is asked not to enter the building if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. A large STOP sign is posted at each entrance of the College to remind everyone when they come in. If anyone has any symptoms, they are asked to stay home.

  • Should I report my rapid test result?

    The Government of Quebec has requested that people report if they have a positive result. Given the fact that testing centres are currently reserved strictly for certain priority groups and the number of known cases is therefore underestimated, reporting rapid test results will help authorities better assess the evolving epidemiological situation in the community. At this time, the College does not have rapid tests available at the College. Reporting rapid test results | Gouvernement du Québec (quebec.ca)

  • How many COVID cases do we have?

    Since the beginning of the Winter 2022 semester activities onsite (January 31, 2022), the College has had cases.  All College and public health protocols have been followed. If you have not already been contacted by someone from the College, there is no reason for concern regarding these cases. It is important to note that with the new reporting procedures in place by the Ministry and Santé Publique, we are reporting cases as accurately as possible.

  • What are current isolation rules