Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

What is RAC?

RAC makes it possible to receive academic credits for skills and knowledge gained through training, life, or workplace experience.

RAC provides people with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned through workplace or life experiences. At the cégep level, RAC is open to people who have not had the opportunity to complete a college education.

Benefits of RAC

RAC allows you to:

  • avoid the repetition of training for competencies you already have
  • get formal recognition of your competencies
  • improve your employability and income
  • stay in your job
  • save the expense of returning to school
How RAC works

If you believe you have skills and knowledge comparable to those listed in a college level program, assess your skills and knowledge against the competencies of the program. A competency is a set of skills, knowledge and behaviour that enables an individual to perform a specific role or function.

Once you have completed your self assessment, The College reviews your file and analyzes all your documents. If your learning is considered sufficient, your application for RAC is accepted and you are contacted by a RAC counsellor.

 Cégep Heritage College offers RAC services for both DEC (Diplôme d’études collégiales) and AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales) programs:

  • DEC programs have about 60 competencies
  • AEC programs have about 30 competencies

It is possible to receive RAC for some competencies and then pursue the remaining competencies through further training.

To receive a diploma (DEC) or attestation (AEC) you will need to acquire all the competencies listed in the program. A DEC also requires successful completion of an English Exit Exam.

RAC Programs at Cégep Heritage College

Note: Cégep Heritage College may consider offering RAC for other programs and general education courses on a per case basis.

RAC fees
  • Application Fee: $30 / program / student
  • File analysis: $30 / student
  • Evaluation of a competency: $50 / competency or group of competencies, up to a maximum of $1,200 for a DEC and $600 for an AEC

How to apply

Your application is to be completed through a secure online system or in person, as applicable.

  • You are solely responsible for the completion of your application
  • A fee of $30 must be submitted with your application
  • Only completed applications will be considered by Cégep Heritage College
  • Your file and application will be kept confidential

RAC requires you to provide evidence of your skills and knowledge for each program competency. Evidence can be presented in many forms: certificates, job description, employer letter, video, etc.

Depending on your particular situation, the entire RAC process may take anywhere between 6 months and 3 years to complete.

Questions? Contact us

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