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Foundation awards, bursaries and assistance

Foundation Awards and Bursaries celebrate resilience, determination, engagement and continued perseverance while providing some financial assistance.  

We understand that a student’s journey to success may include challenges and obstacles. A little help along the way will empower and encourage students to remain committed to their studies.  Watch for announcements on Omnivox.

2020-2021 perseverance & resilience awards & bursaries

There has never been a more important time to reward student resilience and perseverance while providing some financial assistance.  See the July 9, 2021 Press Release, the supporters and the list of recipients.

Foundation memorial awards

Foundation Memorial Awards pay tribute to members of the Heritage family.  They are  established by the Foundation in close collaboration with families and are generally related to a program of study.  Applicants to yearly Foundation Perseverance Bursaries, meeting the eligibility and criteria, will be considered by the Foundation's Funds & Bursaries Selection Committee (in collaboration with departments).

Emergency & crisis financial assistance

While the Heritage College Foundation allocates a yearly contribution to student financial assistance, all requests are processed by the College’s Financial Aid Office.  You may reserve a meeting via Omnivox.