Major Fundraising Campaign

In 2015, our Foundation launched its inaugural five-year major fundraising campaign to raise $1 Million dollars in support of student success.  To-date, thanks to community’s unwavering support, we have received multi-year pledges equal to 90% of our objective.

Although the campaign’s end is within reach, its forecasted close date of 2020 is called to be extended.  

Unprecedented disasters and crisis such as a tornado, two floods and now, the COVID-19 pandemic have repeatedly altered plans forced the Foundation to reduce active fundraising and redirect its attention to analyzing student needs, developing and delivering essential, student crisis assistance.

We estimate that effects from the worldwide health pandemic will worsen.  Unfortunately, student need will escalate and continue to surpass available crisis funds over the coming months and years.

More than ever, it is urgent to raise the final $100,000 of our campaign. 

Together, we must join our efforts and continue to replenish the safety net for Heritage College students facing difficult life challenges.

Please donate or renew your pledge today in support of the Heritage College Foundation, your local registered charitable oganization.  Show your solidarity and let us continue to build resilience, encourage and support our students who will soon be joining our community’s trained workforce.

    Area of distress 

    Across the country, student distress is at an all-time high.

    Provincial loans and bursaries are not necessarily scaled to provide sufficient funds to cover housing, food, travel, books, equipment and fees, in its entirety.

    Supplemental financial resources are not necessarily attainable to all students.

    Housing costs are beyond reasonable expectations for many families and students;
    Too often, students are faced with having to make the difficult choice between attending classes and putting food on their table;

    Basic needs’ insecurities can lead to isolation, anxiety and distress.

    Vulnerable students are at-risk of developing mental wellness issues and abandoning their studies.

    Campaign objectives

    Bursaries $300,000  

    • Distance, Entrance, Engagement, Resilience and Perseverance

    Student support & assistance $700,000

    • Financial Crisis and Resilience Fund
    • Distance
    • Emergency Psychological & Special Needs
    • Athlete/Sports 

    Campaign documents 

    Campaign donors 

    On behalf of our students, we express our heartfelt gratitude for all donations.

    Lead donors and partners ($100,000 and more) 

    • BRIGIL
    • Leacross Foundation
    • Ville de Gatineau

    Major donors ($25,000 and more) 

    • Charlebois Trépanier Insurance
    • Vitrerie de la vallée
    • Cégep Heritage College:
      • Faculty and Staff;
      • Students;
      • Administrators, Management;
      • Foundation Administration;
      • Anonymous

    Champion donors ($5,000 and more) 

    • Alary, St-Pierre & Durocher, arpenteurs
    • Alliance Autochtones du Québec
    • Louise Brunet
    • Galtronics
    • Gyva Buro Plus
    • Intact Insurance
    • Celine Hanrahan's Family
    • Gilles Lalonde - Pharmacies Jean Coutu
    • Marcotte & Calouche Families
    • Michael Randall
    • Sanders Geophysical Equipment
    • Soeurs de la Charité