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Section 1 - Cégep Heritage College Bylaws

  1. General Administration of Heritage College
  2. Collection of Student Fees
           Reference Document B2.1
           Reference Document B2.2 - Attachment
  3. Bylaw 3 Concerning Conditions for Admission
           Reference Document B3.1 - Attachment
           Reference Document B3.2 - Attachment
           Reference Document B3.3 - Attachment
  4. Academic Senate
  5. Support for Student Success
           Reference Document B5.1 - Academic Probation Contract
           Reference Document B5.2 - Appeal Guide
           Reference Document B5.3 - Nursing Program Academic Standing and Advancement Procedure

  6. Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Board Administrators
           Reference Document B6.1
           Reference Document B6.2
           Declaration Form B6
  7. Bylaw 7- Repealed on March 21, 2018
           Reference Document B7.1
  8. Delegation of Power - Contracting

Section 2 - Cégep Heritage College Policies

  1. Financial Management
  2. Signing Authority
  3. Personnel Management
  4. Appointment, Evaluation and Renewal of Mandates of the Director General and Academic Dean
  5. Evaluation of Student Achievement
   6. Concerning a Respectful Environment Free of Discrimination and Harassment
   7. Parking
            Reference Document P7.1
   8. Conditions for Admission to Diploma of College Studies (DEC)
      Programs (Dissolved)
   9. Hiring and Evaluation of the External Auditor (Limited Distribution)
10. Human Resources Management
11. Professional Development for Employees - Dissolved
12. Appraisal of Non-Teaching Personnel
13. Staffing - Dissolved
14. Welcoming, Integration and Recognition of Staff Members
       (Limited Distribution) - Dissolved
15. Faculty Evaluation
            Procedure 31.1 - New Teachers
            Procedure 31.2 - Seasoned Teachers
16. Abolished and re-introduced as Bylaw #7
17. Program Evaluation
            Reference Document P17.1
            Reference Document P17.3
18. Dissolved (included in policy #5 IPESA)
19. Conditions of Eligibility for a Work Term
            Reference Document P19.1
            Reference Document P19.2
20. Dissolved (included in Policy 19)
21. Smoking
22. Records and Archives Management
23. Use of Electronic Networks
            Reference Document P23.1 for Students
            Reference Document P23.2 for Employees
24. Standards of Student Conduct
25. Supplementary Working Conditions for Management
       Personnel (Limited distribution)
26. Assessment of Management Personnel (Limited distribution)
27. Working Conditions for Non-Unionized Support (NUS) Personnel
       (Limited Distribution)
28. Employment Equity
            Supporting material for Heritage College Policy #28
29. Facilities Use and Rental
            Facilities Use - Categories
            Fee Schedule
            Audio-Visual Equipment Rental Rates
30. Acquisition of Goods and Services
31. Allotment of the Balance of Funds (Limited Distribution)
33. Academic Integrity
34. French Language
35. Naming of College Spaces and Services
36. Promotion of the English Language
            Reference Document P36.1
            Reference Document P36.2
37. International Cooperation
38. Environmental Management
40. Recognition of Acquired Competencies
42. Contract Rules Compliance Monitor (Repealed)
43. Communications Policy
44. Concerning Prevention of Sexual Violence
            Policy 44b - Processes to be followed related to policy 44
45. Expense Reimbursement
            Reference Document P45 - Travel and Representation
46. Concerning Corruption and Collusion Risk Management

47. Concerning Web Site

Section 3 - Cégep Heritage College Procedures

  1. Use of Parking Lot
  2. Specialized Ergonomic Furniture
  3. Private Records
  4. Public Records
  6. Breaches of the Rules of Student Conduct
  7. Hazardous Materials - Identification, Storage and Handling
  8. Locking Out and Tagging
  9. Safe Disposal/Recycling of Hazardous Waste
10. Safety - Disposal of Sharp Items and Needles
11. Safety - Eyewash Stations
12. Evacuation Plan - English Français
            Safety surveillance team contacts - English Français
13. Facilities Use and Rental
16. A Respectful Workplace Free of Discrimination and Harassment
            Reference Document P16.1
            Procédure 16-Formulaire de plainte
            Procedure 16-Incident report
19. Selection of a Financial Institution
27. Purchasing
38. Environmental Management
39. Academic Review, Support and Appeal
40. Safe Disclosure
41. Procédure #41 portant sur la réception et l'examen des plaintes (Purchasing and Procurement)

42. Relating to External Digital Signage

Section 4 - Cégep Heritage College Guidelines

  1. Staff Recognition
  2. Development of College-Wide Administrative Documents
  3. Network User Agreement
  6. Biosafety
  7. Work-Alone Laboratory Situations
  8. Fundraising Guidelines
  9. Graduation Ceremony

Section 5 - Other Cégep Heritage College Documents

Cégep Heritage College Classification Plan (July 2015)

Cégep Heritage College Conservation Calendar (July 2015)

      Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
      Code of Ethical Conduct (February 2017)